How To Fix a Keyboard Key That Fell Off — Let’s Refix It

Sometimes due to constant use of the laptop’s key, it happens that the key of the keyboard becomes weaker, loose, or even falls off. Sadly, it can be quite painful especially when you are a regular gamer or content creator. However, no matter what kind of keyboard user you are, there’s always a fix to this. 

Why does the key button fall off? How can you fix the keyboard key back? Or have you gotten a few trembling keys? Hold on! If these questions pop up in your mind and you have the same issue, this article is for you. The article will help you refix your fallen key back to its position by giving you first-hand information. 

Before cracking the ways to refix it, you need to know about different parts of the keyboard to identify the real reason.

Essential Parts Of A Laptop Key

Essential Parts Of A Laptop KeyUsually, a key in a laptop keyboard has three parts. Each of these is equally important to function on the keyboard if any one of these is missing. Also, if you have any attached key that won’t work, it is problematic for the user. The parts of the keyboard are given below.

  • Key Cap It is the part we see on the top of the keyboard, the buttons marked with alphabetic letters.
  • Key Pad The keypad gives the user a very smooth feel on its touch, which usually comes in a square and round. It also includes ten numeric keys.
  • Rubber Nub Beneath the laptop, the keyboard key has a rubber dome that sends the electric impulses to the laptop as the user press a specific key. The rubber nub or rubber cap performs like a switch. Also, the rubber knobs are breakable.
  • Key RetainerThe key retainer is a clip that attaches the keycaps via hooks in their respective places. It is also known as a hinge clip.

Laptop Keyboard Keys Fall Off – Standard Reasons

The keys of the laptop’s keyboard may be fallen off for many reasons. It may range from high usage to accidental damage. Let’s crack them out. Here are a few common causes:

  • Accidental Damage

Accidental damage is the most common reason the laptop keyboard can fall. It occurred probably that the laptop fell from your hand or something might fell on the laptop keyboard. However, the outcome is generally faulty keys. 

  • Spilling Eateries

Willing and Unwilling, it is a bad habit to eat while working in front of laptops or eating near the laptop. The people do not notice this until they go through the problem of the damaged keys of the keyboard. The reason behind the spilling of drinks or food can damage the overall performance and lifespan of the keyboard. Thus, the fallen keys are the result of the crumbs of food and liquids that get inside the keyboard.

  •  Loosen Retainer

Occasionally, a few keys of the laptop keyboard might fall due to the loose retainer, which causes the keycaps to fall off easily. However, this is not the fault of the user. 

  • Stroking Keys 

The essential point everyone must understand is that laptop keyboard keys are comparably weak to the desktop keyboard. Strokes of the keys forcefully cause the keyboard keys to fall off as they become loose with time. Therefore, if you are a regular gamer or a typist, try to avoid the forceful strokes of the keys.

How To Refix A Keyboard Key — Some Simple Efforts

How To Refix A Keyboard KeyWell, it entirely relies on the type of fall and damage, but you can observe simple steps with less effort to fix the concerning problem. So, try out these quick and easy fixes before buying a new keyboard. The downward-mentioned steps will help you to refix the keys of the keyboard that fell off.

  • Refix The Loosen Keycap

You need not worry because it is effortless to detach loose keys. You merely need to press down the loose key with a bit of hard push for a while, and you can hear the sound of a Chirp. The patch-up sound indicates that the key is refixed to its position. 

  • Refix The fallen Keycap

Contrarily, if the Keycap has fallen off, look at the keycaps to see if there is any damage; for example, check the small plastic point. Is it okay? If it is not okay, it also causes the key to fall off because this point locks the keys to their joining parts.

If it is finely placed to their concerned locking point with the hooks. Then also press it slightly and notice the snap you heard. If the sound comes, it means you have done it correctly.

  • Fixing the broken keyboard keys 

If you are facing difficulty putting a broken or fallen key back onto the laptop. Then, must keep in mind the below following tips:

Step 1First, insert the key retainer into its position; for example, if it is a keypad, it is better to place the retainer first to adjust in place properly. Thus, the insertion of the retainer must lie flat. In case you are unsure about the exact directions where the retainer goes, check the keyboard-based alignment of the metal hook. These metal hooks help determine the orientation of keychains placed inside, as the holder must line up with the hook.

Step 2After properly aligning the retainer, insert the keypad into the keyboard retainer.

Step 3- The third step is to place the broken or fallen keycaps in the exact alignment of the metal hook over the retainer and push them down lightly. When you place the keycaps in the right direction, you should try to press them down from all around to ensure that the clip is snapped in its place. 

  • A Damaged Rubber Nub Beneath 

As you know, the rubber nub of the keyboard plays a significant role that allows the user to type the content quickly and smoothly and transfers the user’s command when the keycaps are pressed. So, it is the worst-case scenario if you are facing a problem regarding the damaged rubber nub.

Adding more, sometimes it occurred that the keycaps also damaged the silicon nub with it, which is a different scenario from the keycaps. Therefore, to deal with this scenario, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

Step 1- Firstly, select a key from the keyboard that you rarely use and that you are acceptable with not using it. Take out the key with all its three components.

Step 2- Secondly, remove an unworkable key along with the keycap, keypad, and retainer. Then use a sharp-edged knife to remove the silicon nub, As it is stuck to the base of the keyboard with hard glue.

Step 3 – Thirdly, place the wanted key in the retainer by applying a powerful glue to the base. Now put back the keyboard retainer and fix the keycap which you want to restore.

If Still Reattached Key Doesn’t Function — Solution

However, after placing or fixing the keycaps, keypad, and key retainer, the keys still do not work. It means the keyboard’s circuit board might be a problem that affects the whole functioning. The only solution to this problem is to replace the entire keyboard (including the circuit keyboard) by concerning to a professional or expert So that your problem can be solved.

Keep in mind that, in this situation, never use any glue; otherwise, the keyboard starts to malfunction.

USB Keyboard — An Alternative solution

If refixing or reattaching does not solve the problem, then this is undoubtedly troublesome for the user. Is the warranty of the keycaps expired? If yes, then replacing the keyboard is not trouble.

Replace the keyboard and try to use the “plug-and-play keyboard.” A few years ago, I personally faced this problem, and the only thing I do is buy a USB keyboard; that goes better because a USB keyboard is easy in terms of its connectivity and usage.

Furthermore, connect the wire; at the end of the cable, there is a USB plug that goes directly into the laptop’s USB port. Thus, enjoy your typing experience with this new keyboard without any disturbance.

Advantages of USB keyboard

  • The USB keyboard is affordable
  • It also offers portability
  • Extremely reliable and compatible 
  • It does not need any internet connection 


Finally, this article have given informative details so that the fallen keyboard keys can be refixed and reattached easily. The keyboard holds central importance to everyone. The keyboard is considered the primary peripheral component. No need to tense because it is not a big deal. After all, the keys of the keyboard can be refixed and reattached by guidelines and essential tips if given tips and suggestion doesn’t prove to be successful for you while fixing the problem. Then, I also give you an alternative solution, which is the USB Keyboard. It definitely works even well than the keyboard of the laptop.

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