Top 9 Worst Graphics Cards (GPUs) Ever: (Fault Explanation)

Graphic cards are responsible for HD image display. It shows us the dimensional vision on the screen of our devices such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, etc. These graphic adapters translate the graphical data into the visual video or image base display and are essential to process the graphical information in any device. 

The graphic card is either placed on the motherboard of a laptop or separately fixed in a board circuit of the laptop’s display unit. While watching a video or playing a video game, these GPU cards are behind the quality of visual display. If the graphic card of your device is the best and high quality, it will help you see the finest graphics. But if, by chance, your device gets a cheap and low-quality graphic card, it will make the visual display of your device worse. 

So, if you are up to purchasing a graphic card for your laptop or computer to enhance the visual quality, you need to be very careful. In the race of the best graphic cards, here are the worst and un-compatible graphic cards ever to be aware of. Let’s get in the stream of details!

I- Worst Graphic Cards of AMD

AMD stands for Advance Micro Devices; the company is well known to manufacture graphic cards and computer processors. But there are some poor graphic cards of AMD to avoid which are mentioned below;

1. AMD Graphic Card – Radeon R9 285

The card, sadly, is not efficient and powerful enough for the high-quality gaming because of its less memory. It will be barely compatible with heavy gaming because of insufficient 2 GB space. This graphic card is not upgraded to get along with current gaming software. 

AMD Radeon R9 285 will never endure gaming visuals for a long time with 918 megahertz speeding. If you want to play high-quality games with dimensional display, this card is not the right choice. AMD offers many other compatible cards; you can check out the most recent ones by this company to be on the save side.

bad-graphics-cards 2. AMD Graphic Card – ATI Radeon 8500

In the early twenties, since AMD bought ATI company to acquire Radeon graphics, they keep merging graphic cards of the Radeon series. However, the ATI Radeon 8500 is not a successful GPU for the current gaming and display requirements. The card is turned down due to its bad driver and less compatibility for the interpretation of heavy graphical data. It’s another old graphic card that is not that updated to match the speed of today’s gaming and word processing. Though you can still purchase these; these graphic cards are in no way an option to suit the needs of the current digi-fast era.  

3. AMD Graphic Card – HD 5450

It’s the third card by AMD that you need to avoid if you want it for general productivity. It’s good for HD display and video quality but for gaming, it’s not a good choice. It has only 1 GB of visual RAM DDR3 which make it not-so-suitable for heavy gaming. Other than this, it will never allow overtime gaming because of the 650 MHz core speed. Also, it technically never enhances the capability of your central processing unit. It will never allow only a 720-pixel display and mostly never work for more than this. So, frankly, this card is just a waste of money to add up in the GPU with no performance effect. 

4. AMD Graphic Card – Radeon R9 390X

This card is also not good for 4k gaming and higher visual display. It will never be able to process more than 180p resolution. It’s not powerful to enhance the compatibility of your computer’s central processing unit. Radeon R9 390X uses 344w power for local gaming so its performance is doubtful for the high-standard gaming session. Due to old technology, it might give blurry visual displays not recommended for 4k games and graphic data. You need to get a more advanced graphics card than the Radeon R9 390X to meet the current needs of the graphical display.

AMD Graphic Card – Radeon R0 290/290X

This card is released in 2013 and declared a high-end card at that time. But now AMD successfully develops new and more advanced graphic cards to meet the current time graphical display needs. With a 28 nanometer processor, it’s not compatible for advance visual display. The processor will be very slow while loading a high-quality image or game program. It’s known as a low-performance graphic card and is totally not recommended to purchase for gaming purposes. You can check and get a better functional graphic card from the same brand with new technologies and advanced features.

II- Worst Graphic Cards of Nvidia

Nvidia is American based multinational company of technologies. They are popular to manufacture high-technology application processing units, graphic cards, and other computing devices or chips. But here are the low-quality(worst) graphic cards you need to avoid if you are going to purchase one for you to enhance the ability of your computer or laptop. 

6. Nvidia Graphic Card GeForce 210

It’s a non-rated card by Nvidia which is not compatible with current heavy gaming and high processing tasks of visual display. It gets popular because of its cheap price but you will never get the functionality of a ranked graphic card at this cost. You need to check the capability of the card before you purchase it. 

incompatible graphic cards The speed of this car is very low and you must feel frustrated with the processing of a program by Nvidia GeForce 210. If you are going to purchase the Nvidia GeForce 210 for current gaming streams then you will only get disappointed. This graphic card is not powerful for speeding and overtime gaming. If you want to buy a graphic card from this brand then you need to select a high-quality, updated one from  Nvidia GPUs. 

7. Nvidia Graphic Card Titan X

It’s the less powerful graphic cad among other Titan series GPUs and costs more but never gives satisfactory performance. The main downside of this graphic card is its less capability than other cheap ones that are available at the lowest price. Nvidia Titan X is not supportive of 4k games and never gives options for several settings options for display. This card is not recommended for the highest-quality display and will never operate best for speeding. With 12GB vRAM Nvidia, Titan X is still lower than other graphic cards of the same cost.

8. Nvidia Kepler Graphic Card

It also refers to a weak graphic card which never supports 4k gaming requirements. This card is only good for low-quality display. The high-quality visual image can be processable with Nvidia Kepler but will lead toward steady loading. It’s not recommended to purchase this G card as per recent advanced gaming technologies. This card is also working on old manufactured coding which is not the best option for modern needs.

III- Worst Graphic Cards Ever – Mix 

9.  3DFX Voodoo graphic card 4 4500

Another worst graphic card is 3DFX Voodoo 4 4500, with plenty of faults. The card is extremely not recommended for current computers with advanced technology. Because it is only compatible with low-quality graphics and has no thermal control due to cheap construction. It’s not worth it to spend your money for nothing because this card will never show any effect on your computer system. It will cause blurring, slow speeding, and more upload timing which no one will prefer.

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Graphic cards are essential to get a realistic display and you need to get one with recent update features. We have mentioned all the bad graphic cards that you need to avoid if you want to get a GPU card. Do not go for these AMD Graphic Cards Radeon; AMD R9 285, ATI Radeon 8500, AMD HD 5450, Radeon R9 390X, and Radeon R0 290/290X. Here are the non-recommended graphic cards from the Nvidia brand; Nvidia GeForce 210, Nvidia Titan X, and Nvidia Kepler. Of all the mentioned worst graphic cards mostly are not supportive of modern gaming and computer technologies. Choose an updated graphic card for gaming purpose which offer all the new features of visual display.


  • Why do we need a graphic card?

We need graphic cards to enhance the quality of visual display while playing heavy games or viewing HD videos, and images. A graphic card basically read the command of the graphical delta from the central processing unit of a computer. Graphic cards will provide us best display of any image, video, or graphic data. But if you get a cheap graphic card it will turn your display into the worst one.

  • What are the worst cards from AMD?

If you want to purchase AMD Graphic Cards then do not go for Radeon; AMD R9 285, ATI Radeon 8500, AMD HD 5450, Radeon R9 390X, and Radeon R0 290/290X. These five cards have old features that are not compatible with current gaming and visual display stander. AMD introduces many advanced GPUs which are best for new technologies.

  • What are the non-recommended cards of Nvidia?

Nvidia is a well-known brand for manufacturing GPUs but some old versions of graphic cards will not be satisfactory for today’s computer display and modern gaming. It will be better to purchase an advanced graphic adapter of this brand instead of the Nvidia GeForce 210, Nvidia Titan X, and Nvidia Kepler.

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