Printer Parts Name With Picture – 10 Printer Parts Deem Necessary

A printer is an electronic machine that can imprint text and graphical images into the paper, after getting a command from the computerized system. It is a great invention that helps us to get a hard copy of any work assignment on blank paper. In our daily life, we use various types of printers, thermal printers, impact printers, traditional-based printers, daisy wheel printers, laser printers, inkjet printers, dot matrix printers, or 3D printers, etc. 

There are 10 Major Parts of a Printer that perform different functions, respectively. A printer includes paper support, Edge Guides, a printer cover, an output tray, a sheet feeder, a print head, an output tray extension, a connector, control buttons, and a cartridge cover. Here we will provide a comprehensive guide about printer parts names with the reference of images for the novice or experienced printer users. Let’s explore all the parts of a printer.

Quick Guide About The Printer Parts

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Paper support Supports the infused paper.
Edge guides Straighten the paper as you load it.
Printer cover Shields the printing equipment.
Output tray Retrieved the paper that was ejected
Sheet feeder Automatically delivers a stack of papers.
Printer Head Transfers the ink to printer paper
Output Extension Extended form of output tray
Connector Allows different connectors to connect to printer
Control Button Equipped various buttons to control printer


Different Printer Parts Name With Picture & Functions

The printer is made up of several different pieces including; paper support, Edge Guides, printer cover, output tray, sheet feeder, print head, output tray extension, connector, control buttons, and cartridge cover. 

Also, the different types of printers can also be categorized according to how they connect, such as wire printers and wireless printers that can be connected to Bluetooth, VLAN, wifi, and other wireless networks.

10 Major Parts of a Printer – Gradual Description

The printer is made up of several parts including; paper support, Edge Guides, printer cover, output tray, sheet feeder, print head, output tray extension, connector, control buttons, and cartridge cover. 

   1. Paper Base/Supports

The foremost part of the printer is a Paper Supporter, where the paper will store in a unit straight line for a correct imprint. Additionally, when printing begins, paper supports are utilized by printers to hold the sheets of paper that are sent to the device. By doing this, the papers are prepared for printing one at a time and the printers are able to print properly on the paper.


  2. Printer Edges

The printer also includes edge guides. The paper support tray typically has edge guides for printing, enabling users to keep together all blank papers organized and prevent any blank paper from escaping when the printer is operating. Edge guides’ primary purpose is to help indirectly load blank paper.

   3. Printer Cover

The major component of a printer is a protective cover or an exterior lid. That cover guard the mechanical components of the printer from any outer damage and shields the machine from dust and filth. The user can open or close the printer cover when it needs repairing service, or just open it when changing or installing ink cartridges.

  4.Output Tray

Another part of a printer is an output tray, which is where printed paper is placed once it has been produced. Or you might say that this component is important to receiving the printer’s output. Without an output tray, the produced paper would exit the device without being contained and instead disperse into the air as soon as it does. Though there are more than 10 major parts of a printer, an output tray is the very basic yet exceptional crucial part. If a tray cannot help paper move smoothly somehow, the whole printing process can get distracted! 

Tips! While using or right after using the printer, the output tray and the area around it get warm. So, when removing the stuck paper or carrying out the necessary action, avoid touching the output tray and the area around it.


   5. Sheet Feeder

The sheet feeder section is located underneath the paper support as an essential component of a printer. The main purpose of the sheet feeder is to keep the blank sheets of paper together so that the printer may use them when printing begins.  the sheet feeder of a printer contains two rolling pins that let the paper fit between them.

It ensure that the blank paper is straight and fully prepared for printing one by one.


   6. Print Head

The print head’s job is to use ink to carry out the computer’s print instructions on a piece of blank paper. The ink from the printer cartridge is transferred using it to the paper’s surface Simply put, the print head on the printer has the capability of printing any document or image. They can’t produce any document without the head. 


   7. Outer Tray Extension

It is not common to find an Output Tray Extension, a component of a printer that, as its name implies, extends the output tray. The larger printers are the only ones that have this extension tray. Moreover, the output tray can be made a little bit larger by using the output tray extension. The printer user can use the output tray extension of this printer however you see fit; it is not a necessary component. It is customary to find this output tray extension on or above the output tray.

   8. Connector

There are many different sorts of ports are there in the printer since it receives its electricity through them in order to function. Additionally, connectors are used to communicate printing instructions to the printer.In addition to the several connectors, printers also feature wired and wireless connectivity.

All of these factors are also influenced by your printer, including the connections it supports. That is, even without a wire connection, you may instruct the printer to print something. Printers can connect wirelessly in a variety of ways, including Bluetooth, VLAN, WiFi, and others.

  9. Control Buttons

Every printing apparatus has some control buttons to manage the printing process. The power on and off buttons that are used to switch the printing equipment on and off is often included on printers. Additionally, the printer contains print buttons that allow you to print any kind of document or image.

The printer has two print buttons; one can be used to print in black and white, and the other can be used to print any document or image in color. Additionally, the printer contains a reset button that you may use to both reset the device and reject the print command. For further clarification read the below table to understand the control button functions with their respective symbols.

Control Button Function of Control Button 
Power Turns on and off the printer

If pressed twice when the printer is powered on, the memory is cleared.

Cleaning When the black color ink out light is flashing or on, pressing the print head for three seconds causes it to go to the ink cartridge replacing position.
Load/eject Tapped and released this button for two seconds, the paper is loaded or ejected.

Functions of the control button of the printer

   10. Printer Cartridge

To hold the cartridge in place and allow access to the cartridge for commands given to the printer during printing, the cartridge cover is mounted on top of the cartridge socket.

Here, the word “access” refers to when the printer receives the order to print, and when it does so, it has access to the ink to do so. In this case, the printer then uses the ink from the cartridge to print. Plus, every printer has its own ink cartridge depending on its manufacturing. Commonly ink cartridges contain three colors such as magenta, cyan, and yellow.


Safety and Usage Instructions

The durability of the printer is totally dependent on how well you use it and this is why you need to be very careful about safety and usage instructions. For safety, you can ensure that;

  • Printer must be properly operated to prevent physical harm.
  • Also, carefully operate in order to protect your equipment.

In the same analogy, the durability depends on the usage. The life of a printer, in other words, depicts its life depending on the type and intended use, as seen in the examples below.

  • Personal Use – Printing photos and paperwork for domestic use is considered personal use.
  • General Use – Printing documents for widespread use in general use.
  • Business Use – High-end printers are necessary for printing business-related documents.
  • Marketing Use – Printing promotional banners and signage utilizing printers that can handle a variety of media is used for marketing.

Bottom Line

We have sumed up, each detail regardng printer parts name and functions with the reference of images as gredual guideline, for the novice or experienced printer users. It help to understand the purpose of each part of the printer that together contributes to printing the image and text into paper. Furthermore, there are used to print out different kinds of hard copies on tangible materials, which is now a necessity for both homes and companies. It enables people to save time by not having to recreate computer data on paper; instead, the computer may transfer the data straight to the printer for duplication. In a nutshell, paper support, edge guides, printer cover, output tray, sheet feeder, print head, output tray extension, connector, control buttons, and cartridge cover are the important parts of the printer, lack or failure of any component can lead the printer to dysfunctioning.

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FAQS: Printer Parts Name With Picture

What components make up an Epson printer?

Some of the important components of an EPSON printer are Edge Guides, Control Buttons, a Paper Suppor, Output Tray Sheet Feeder, Printer Cover, Output Tray Extension, Connectors, Printer Cabinet, Ink Pump, Cartridge Cover, Print Head, Laser Printer Part Printer Gear, Fuser Roller, 3D Printer Filament and Printer Chip.   

What are a printer’s purposes?

A printer is a device that receives both text and graphic information from a computer and prints the data on paper, typically on sheets of paper that are standard size, 8.5″ by 11″.

What Constitutes an HP Printer Part?

Some of the important HP printer parts are Laser Printer Part, Fuser Roller, Printer Cover, Output Tray, Paper Support, Sheet Feeder, Output Tray Extension, Connectors, Edge Guides, Control Buttons, Cartridge Cover, Control Buttons, Cartridge Cover, Print Head, Printer Cabinet, Ink Pump, Laser Printer Part, Printer Filament, Printer Chip, Printer Filter, Fuser Roller, Inkjet Printer Parts, Printer Gear, and Fuser Assembly and 3D reader. 

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