MacBook 12 in M7 Review 2023 – A Decision Worth Your Money Or Not?      

Are you the late adopter and now considering buying the Apple MacBook 12 in m7 and feeling a little confused? Well, this blog is a very well-researched  Macbook 12 in M7 Review 2023 so you can make the best confident decision before spending your hard-earned bucks! 

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook was introduced some five years ago, in 2016, and since then, the company has made some significant advancements to the MacBook line. Of course, the new MacBook Pro, which was introduced in October 2016, is the biggest change. But for those looking for a cheap, lightweight, and portable MacBook, the 12-inch model is still an option.


The processor is the main change to the 12-inch MacBook that has been updated by Apple to a 7th-generation Intel Core M7, which represents a significant improvement over the prior generation. 

However, not the only thing that has been updated is the processor. Additionally, Apple has extended battery life, up to 10 hours. Along with this, other adjustments include a new rose gold color option and a modernized keyboard. However, they are only minor overall. The processor, which significantly improves performance for the 12-inch MacBook, is the most significant change.

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Spec Features
Operating Model Intel core-m7, Dual-Core
Storage 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
Display 12-inches + IPS panel
Colour Rose Gold
Memory 8GB DDR3 System Memory (RAM)
GPU Integrated 515 GPU
CPU Speed 1.3GHz
Battery 41.4 WH, 10 hours


Specification OF Macbook 12 in M7: Full Of Appreciation

If you are interested in learning more about M7, this MacBook 12 in M7 Review can cater to your curiosity. I have tried to explain every hardware and software related concern in detail and I am hopeful you’ll find answers to all your concerns.


Powerful CPU And GPU

MacBook is powered by Intel Core m7 and the motherboard has flashy PCIe storage of about 256/512 GB with incredible storage speed of between 845 and 947 MB per second. More Emphasis, it has a 1.3 GHz Intel Core m7 Sky Lake processor with a floating point unit and a high graphic processing unit.

MacBook’s memory can not be upgraded but it can be expanded. If you need to operate multiple applications at once and want to store intensive files in the media library then, the only way is to independently buy more memory from the market. In terms of storage, 12-inch rose gold Macbook supports a hard drive of 256GB. 

Apple changed the early 2015 model’s HD Graphics 5300 for the Intel Integrated HD Graphics 515, going back to Intel for the graphics processor. This processor shares the onboard 8 GB 1866 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM. Since, 2016, apple is in the market and successfully bewitched the consumer with its  features of impressive GPU and speedy processor. Thus, the memory of the Macbook now expanded from 256GB to 512GB. In terms graphic cards, it produces powerful visual processing with a density of 14-nanometer. 

This powerful graphic card also enables the user to do creative visual animation, and design 2D and 3D models with the help of OpenGL 4.2 and Open CL 2.0. These types of features, along with their ultra-portability proved to be a wonderful device for gamers and software workers who need an impressive graphic card to run intensive-resources software. 

Sensational Display

Macbook m7 is on rank in the market due to its sophisticated display and keyboard.

This aluminum and stylish constructed laptop is still popular, this rose gold MacBook offered an extra tweak in its display design. 

 It features a standard-sized 12-inch screen with a QHD resolution of 2304 x 1440 producing 226 PPI(pixels per inch). Thus, producing the sharpest and finest image makes it best for the students and gamers who want the best image quality. Adding more enables the user to work with word processing and email as it offers a clear space on its “Retina display”

So that the user can grasp more details from the glossy glass display screen. Perk is it supports an IPS panel, producing natural visuals and a cinematic view from different angles. Plus it features a high-resolution large display with colorful saturation. All in all the display quality is packed with majestic features that persuade the consumer’s attention.

Nifty Backlit Keyboard

The stunning and sturdy construction Steel Series keyboard  is the best choice for gamers, who need a large keyboard with sufficient key travel and should buy this ultra-portable laptop. The keyboard is backlit which enables the gamers and the content writer to enjoy the wonderful experience of dim-lighting and uses a butterfly mechanism – it’s a switch mechanism that basically just allows the keyboard to fit into the super thin chassis of the MacBook.

Additionally, with a multi-finger touchpad, it is easy for gaming, and it is very simple to customize. As the touchpad is quite large and responsive. The full-size keyboard and RGB capabilities are also included. On the keyboard, hot-swappable switches with separate numeric keypads are also available. 

Additionally, it works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Outstanding software support is provided for the LG Legion 5. Lastly, the Apple laptop keyboard featured a  multi-trackpad, allowing gamers to scroll or navigate with ease, as well as a back LED that improves the player’s energy and efficiency.

A full-sized keyboard can be useful for programmers, gamers, and typists. On the right side of the full-sized keyboard, there is a dedicated numeric row, which has a number of switches to select between compact and full-sized modes. Gamers are urged to choose the “Corsair K95” RGB Platinum because it has all the necessary gaming features.

A Tip – For its full-sized keyboard, a large space on the desk is required.

Epic Battery Runtime

Apple designed a masterstroke MacBook, which packs shelf life into almost every available square centimeter. With the MacBook 12in M7, this doesn’t seem to have changed, but battery performance has increased due to its more efficient processor. 

Macbooks offers some extra tweaks of  Li-Polymer battery that has a capacity of 41.4 WH. For “playing iTunes movies” and 10 hours of “remote webbing”, it has a potential battery life of a maximum of 11 hours. Additionally, this powerful laptop comes with a USB-C power adapter with a 29W output. The MacBook 12in M7, according to Apple, will last an hour longer than the other models and offer 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing.

Adding more, the battery drains at a normal rate of 11% per hour with daily work for some time and tends to stay at 100% of battery while writing, browsing, and emailing at low-medium brightness as this ultra-portable laptop offers a less striking screen. 

Suitable Connectivity

In addition to its exceptionally high-quality display, it also produces superb, delicate, high-quality sound. The stereo speakers produce the sound of an exceptionally high standard. It has a 3.5mm jack for headsets. The airport access may also be used for other things, like streaming videos and listening to music or audio calls. For video calling, there are two microphones and a front-facing HD camera with a 480p display. When using this device, the customer has a very high-quality experience. Furthermore, it has a suitable connection for Wireless networking like; WIFI and Bluetooth.

Affordable Cost 

If I am talking about its cost, the Macbook 12 in m7 is affordable. Its remarkable high processor and extra storage space can contribute a lot to its pricing. However, the pricing is still within the limit, that you don’t see in another model Apple. 

For example, the  MacBook Air with 11 inches display can come at under $1000 while the Macbook 13 Air, with the same CPU model as Macbook 12 in m7 costs above $1000. 

So, if you want to purchase the Macbook 12 in m7, be prepared to pay a little bit more than you would for a model without the M7processor. The costs are still very affordable, though, in general.


Generally, the MacBook has also gained popularity for its durability. This means, its durable glass protection shield protects the laptop, but it the worth noticing that it lost its warranty when drooped on the surface. However, accidental damage to the laptop will cover by the AppleCare+ the most-awaited MacBook featured good durability, ensuring that the Macbook can go for the long run.

Crunchy Audio Quality

Macbook is just amazing! The rose gold MacBook has dual stereo speakers that produce a clear-crisp, high, and delicate sound quality. Additionally, it performs dual functions i.e; louder and clearer sound quality simultaneously. For the gamer and musician, these features can go best, as they need to do different audio functionalities. 

Some Flaws Of Using MacBook 12 in M7

macBook-12As compared to other models of Apple, the new MacBook 12 m7 is affordable. Along with it outclass benefits, it has some drawbacks including;

  • It lacks a “Touch bar” that deprived the use of direct and quick access to the main display screen.
  • Undoubtfully, This new Macbook has a robust processor with eye-catching graphic results, Although, the other models launched by Apple have possessed horse power processors than the Macbook 12 m7.
  • It doesn’t offer a basic audio connector, it is a big disadvantage over its advantages.
  • The user of the MacBook can feel high eye fatigue, As it does not contain a “Tone Display” and no muti-sensor is offered to adjust the density of the hue, Thus, the features of vivid and natural color are divisible in this Macbook 12 m7.

Verdict: What Could Be Better?

For gamers looking for a versatile laptop, the new Apple MacBook 12 in m7 is a great option. This ultra-thin laptop has a mix of features of portability, durability, speedy processor, and graphics for intense gaming. It is also equipped with wonderful ergonomics that no one can deprive without buying the new apple MacBook 12in m7. All in all, it is the top pick laptop for gamers, students, and content creators.


The trendy MacBook 12in m7 is more ultra-portable than ever, but it packs a pinch of the speedy and fast processor with an impressive graphics card. Obviously, the display or ergonomics is just amazing with extra tweaks of the IPS panel, Retina display, Keyboard LED, multi-touch track, and many more. It is compatible for the students on a daily going, graphic hit a jackpot for avid gamers and other software users. In a nutshell, I do not lack anything in this Macbook 12in m7, is you are searching for a compact, speedy and portable laptop that gives you excellent visual as well as audio quailty, then Majestic MacBook 12 in m7 is an ideal and wise choice.

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