How To Sort Out Your Laptop Hanging Problems – Quick and Easy Ways

While doing any essential task, the laptop hanging problem can be frustrating because it can directly hit your work efficiency. We never mind if that happened once in 1 or 2 months due to heavy workload but if it hangs often, it is alarming. For this, you need to take serious considerations. You might think of getting technical help, but most of the hanging or glitching issues can be resolved by taking action from your laptop on your own. 

To resolve the laptop hanging issue first thing we need to know is the causes behind it. Every window has its running capability. Similarly, each laptop brand, including Dell, Apple, IPM, HP, and others, comes with different specifications. To resolve the issue, we should know the root cause for an instant or long-term settlement. Let’s dive into the stream of helpful information to get quick solutions for frequent or continuous laptop hanging problems.

Problems And Solutions Of Frequent Or Constant Hanging

Considering my personal experiences, I have mentioned a few easy-to-solve issues along with some technical issues that might need professional help. The key is identifying the real problem your laptop might be having. So, let’s begin with identifications and associated best solutions.   

1: Unresponsive Screen Issue Due To Multitasking

Your laptop screen might get frozen because of heavy multitasking, working with large files, and apps running in the background. If facing the same, the first thing can be giving it a few minutes to settle down. However, if it does not work, you probably need to take action from your PC or laptop.

Soulution – (End the unwanted tasks | a force shut down | restart the laptop): You can close unwanted windows or apps from the task manager window by following ctrl + alt + delete. Here you would be able to see the tasks consuming the maximum of CPU/RAM so you can end these unwanted tasks to avoid the hanging issue. If this doesn’t work too, try restarting your system – you can give it some rest, too!   

2: Corrupt Files Due To System Malwere Or Viruses 

Remove the virusMalware is disruptive software that can damage your laptop’s performance and viruses can cause disturbance by damaging or corrupting system data. Sometimes, while copying data or saving files from online resources, your system can catch malware or viruses leading to a constant hanging problem. 

Solution – (Enabling Anti-virus program to detect risks and resolve hanging): Each Microsoft window has some virus protection programs. You need to make sure that your laptop’s Anti-virus program is on and allows you to defend against it. Perhaps these antiviruses might never be enough for strong malware or viruses that might cause a threat to your laptop. Here you need to install a highly functional Anti-Virus program to protect your data and resolve the hanging issue caused by it. Try going for a paid one to avail maximum protection! 

3: Pending Installation Or Updates Of Windows 

windows-updateSometimes, we avoid the required windows system update suggestion while doing an important task. Forgetting this little update can cost a lot in the future; the system can show glitches often. Your system hanging might be due to this as avoiding the system update can directly hit the speed of the laptop and cause constant hanging. 

Solution – (Check for windows/system updates | run it right | restart): You need to search for windows update settings from the laptop search bar. Open the setting and check for all the required updates and run it to install properly. You can follow these steps;

  • Go to the Control panel 
  • Choose the security system option 
  • Check Update
  • Click to run these updates

You can check for the update & security/system & security option in the control panel or settings. Find and select ‘Updates’ to initiate installing using the Windows Update button. Once the installation is finished, your laptop might need to be restarted. Therefore, before installing an update, be sure to preserve all of your crucial unsaved data.

4: Slow Streaming Due To Insufficient System RAM 

Inadequate RAM While using high applications or heavy software, you might face constant hanging. The cause behind these glitches can be insufficient RAM (Random Access Memory). Your system RAM might not be enough to handle the workload strain or multitasking on your system. Commonly laptops come with 6 to 8GB RAM but it might not be enough for heavy multitasking leading to slow streaming. 

Solution – (upgrade the RAM or get a higher RAM disk with more efficiency): You need to clear the unnecessary task or avoid heavy multitasking to solve this issue. If it’s not worthy, technical help is needed to replace the RAM disk with a heavier RAM. 

5: Poor Functionality Due To Overheating Of Laptops 

Overheating Cause HangingWhile doing continuous work, the laptop might get overheated and start hanging without any systematic issue. It can be caused due to non-functional or suffocated cooling system; suffocation can be caused due to impropoer laptop placements like on fabric or bare body. Also, overheating can be caused due to rack up dust in the air outlet around the CPU of your laptop. Here you need to do some instant actions to allow air movement.

Solution – (Clean the dust and debris from cooling system of laptop | get a cooling pad): The cooling system becoming clogged with dust or dirt is one of the major causes of hanging. You can clean it superficially by using a laptop-cleaning brush or a piece of cotton. Or you may just get a cooling pad, which will shield your laptop from overheating, solve the hanging issue, and provide relief from several similar problems.

A Tip: Cleaning the colling system on your own can put your system on risk as you might mis-interupt. This is why, technical help is always recommended to get the cooling system be in shape again!  

Concluded Words

The laptop hanging problem commonly occurs if the system has some issues running in the back end. You might look for frequent questions such as why did my laptop start hanging or how to resolve the hanging issue? The major causes behind this are an unresponsive screen issue due to multitasking, malware or Virus, pending Windows installation or updates, insufficient RAM, or overheating of the laptop. Each issue needs different actions to be taken in order to resolve the hanging issue permanently. The possible solutions to each problem are briefly described; some can be processed easily and some need technical support. Either ways, the hanging issue is respolveable. 

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