How To Restart Laptop Using Keyboard Options – Quick and Easy Way’s

Restarting a laptop resolves several junks and glitches. Sometimes we need to restart the laptop or computer by using only the keyboard if the trackpad becomes unresponsive due to overburdening. And if we do not restart or update the laptop, it will lead to stuttering or hanging problems. 

Your laptop windows XP requires a restart for storage refreshes or application updating procedures. But what happenes if you cannot restart the laptop by using the mouse? Here we need to know about different ways to how to restart a laptop with a keyboard; by using keyboard commands only. 

The laptop has all the needed features and can be restarted using different combination keys or commanding instructions. But you need to be very careful with this as pressing combination keys wrong can put you in severe problems too; the system can reboot, loose all the data, or close your current operations. But first things first; important consideration before proceeding are;

Force restarting is associated with the risk of losing any unsaved work or a system crash. Thus, you need to be careful. For this, remember using Ctrl + S on your keyboard to save any continuous work.

So, let’s dive into the article to read these methods in detail. 

Window Laptop: Restart Options Using The Keyboard 

Fortunately, you can restart the laptop by using the keyboard’s special combination of keys. Also, using the wrong keys might lose your crucial data as your cursor may become unresponsive and might not assist you saving your data. Therefore, using the right keys is the  only way to fix the problem. Let’s discuss each of these procedures; 

  • First Procedure – (Windows+X+U+R” Command)

Its the easiest and foremost command to restart you laptop by using the keyboard only. When you click the Windows key from the keyboard, it allows you to reach the restart button with the use of arrow keys. To do this, you can;

  1. Press the Windows and X keys at once and the menu will pop up. 
  2. To access the “Shut-Down and Sign Out” menu item, use the U key.
  3. Select “Restart” option by pressing the R key. In a few seconds, your laptop will restart.

wndows-restart-optionsTo remember this, you can memorise the command as “Windows+X+U+R”. But here, you need to be careful with your speed to giving the commands as you might end up clicking a wrong option and get stuck in a dark dune. Be patient to get it done the right way!  

  • Second Procedure – (Ctrl+Alt+Del Command)

The second procedure involves clicking the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys on your keyboard. The following prompts will appear on the screen. Below are the steps to restart the laptop by using the keyboard.

  1. Hold down the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys at the same time.
  2. Holding these keys will suddenly display a screen that contains many options like switching users, changing passwords, or logging off. 
  3. Scroll down by using the “tab key” to reach the power symbol.
  4. From the power button, press “Enter” to see another menu.
  5. Go to the “Restart” option using the up from cursor control keys.
  6. To restart the computer, click Enter once again.


  • Third Procedure – ( Fn + Alt + F4)

Lastly, if you think nothing is working for you or your laptop is being too stubborn, you can consider using the F4 key. This navigation is one of the widely used approach to help the stuck laptop restart to regain the functionality. 

  1. Click the “Alt key”. From either the left or right side of your keyboard.
  2. Press the “F4 key”. At the  row of F keys.
  3. Any open browser windows will close when you press these keys, along with any other open programs and windows.
  4. To utilize function keys (Fn + Alt + F4) on certain laptop models, you may be required to press and hold the Fn key.
  5. For closeing the applications, repeat the procedure outlined above. To close all open browsers and programs, press Alt + F4.
  6. Press Enter after selecting “Restart.” If it isn’t already chosen, select the “Restart” from the drop-down bar using the  cursor control keys on your keyboard. The laptop will restart once you make this selection without requiring you to use the mouse.


Note! This window will appear only when all windows and apps on the laptop are closed.

Mac Laptop: Restart Options Using The Keyboard 

Macbook user can also restart their laptop by using the keyboard. However, they need to be a little more careful compared to Windows users as the features on Mac are more complex and constraining due to better user security. Still, you can restart the laptops having Mac operating system using the keyboard keys. So, below are some easy procedures to opt; 

  • First Procedure – (Control + Command + Power/Eject/Touch ID Keys)

If you are unable to restart your Macbook due to an out of order trackpad; don’t fret! The technique I am going to quote here is compatible with most of the Macbook Pro models and here it is; 

  1. Press and hold the Control, Command, and Power (or Eject/Touch ID) buttons together until the screen becomes black. 
  2. When the machine makes a sound, let off the keys and wait it to automate the restarting. 
  • Second Procedure – (Option + Command + Power/Eject + Touch ID Keys)

If the first procedure is not helping you, you might need to consider forced restarting. Though it might not work everytime, it often helps ease the freezed system. For this, the suggested method can be;

  1. Press and hold the Control, Option, Command, Power, Eject, and Touch ID buttons at the same time until the screen become black.
  2. With this combination input, hold the keys until the restarting process completes. 

Alternative Resources To Restart Laptop From Keyboard

Window users can also restart the laptop by using the keyboard through the “BAT File”. A bat program can also allow users to instantly restart the laptop. 

You may restart Windows Explorer straight away, which is the fastest solution. Restarting this process, which launches the file explorer, will fix any current issues. However, you must first make one. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Type notepad into the Run command line then hit Enter.
  2. Paste the command “shutdown -r” into the page, and then ctrl + S to save the changes. Moreover, you can choose all files with the up and down arrow keys
  3. Enter your desired filename against the “Save as” option and write the.bat extension on the window’s request. While using the Tab key to navigate to the Save as type selections.
  4. By doing this you can successfully create your bat file. After that, go to the file explorer using the keys: window+E
  5.  Then launch the Task Manager, and press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  6. Windows Explorer may be found under the Processes tab.
  7. Select Restart with a right-click on it.

Remember!  Mac does not support Windows Bat commands. A Windows batch file, or collection of Windows commands, is known as a bat file. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, restarting the laptop is beneficial for the well-being of your laptop and trimming down the hardware problems like freezing, slowing down, etc. Restarting the Windows or a Mac laptop can be made quick and easy by tapping the appropriate keys. For Windows, the laptop can be restarted by clicking the “Windows” and “X” buttons, the “U” key, and finally the “R” key. To restart a Mac laptop, you need to press the “Command,” “Control,” and “Eject/Power” buttons. In a nutshell, the user can use the appropriate keys as mentioned to can create bat file however, the later is not an option for the Mac users. 

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