How To Check Battery Health In HP Laptop Windows 10 – An In-Depth Guideline 2023

Without a good and healthy battery, any device can downfall and lose its productivity let alone your Hp laptop Windows 10. HP is a High-tech laptop manufacturer and its laptops are utilized by several professionals for work operations and multitasking. As an HP user, we need to check the battery’s health to inspect for any change in its Battery-life. 

Also, it makes us aware of the current battery performance to maintain it for unbeatable operations. If you detect a recent variation in your HP laptop’s battery life then you need to be alert and check it out right away. 

You need to take the HP laptop battery’s health seriously to avoid any further risks like “battery dysfunctioning or running out permanently”. A genuine battery for laptops and devices always consider the best companion for long-term use. Let’s inspect some quick and easy ways how to check battery health in an HP laptop with Windows 10!

How To Check Battery Health In HP Laptop Windows 10

Mainly HP laptops offer a compatible battery life of 5 to 7 hours but with time due to some excessive usage or workload, it might get affected. We can save battery life by using different diagnostic options such as ensuring appropriate charging, keeping the battery cool, avoiding overcharging, using power save mode, and checking the battery’s health, you can save your laptop. The foremost step is to check the battery health of your HP laptop with windows 10. 

  1. Build-in Battery Report And Using Command Prompt 

The command prompt is the foremost what to access the functionality of a laptop. Although The Battery Report is not a new feature, still Windows’ settings menu never offers a way to access it. Here the easy and fastest way to check the battery life is through Command Prompt which provides us the option to create a Battery Report. Follow the given steps to check battery health in an HP laptop with Windows 10!

First step – Open The Command Prompt: Go to the search bar and search for Command Prompt or CMD in Windows. The Command Prompt and the search results will appear. Open the Command Prompt from here directly. You can also access it using the  Windows Start menu under Windows System.

Second Step – Type powercfg/battery report: Once the Command Prompt opens, a command line that starts with C will appear: beginning with your user account’s name. At the end of this command line, a cursor will blink. Press the Enter key on your keyboard after typing powercfg/battery report and it will lead toward the next step. 

Third Step – HTML, Report Will Be Generated: After giving the powercfg/battery report it will generate the battery life report. Once the process is successful, the Command Prompt will notify you that a battery life report was downloaded to your user folder Named (battery-report.HTML). You can simply reach that file by searching it in the laptop search bar to check the report. 

Fourth Step – Locate And Open The Report: Search the battery report and open it to check the results about your HP laptop’s battery health. Or you can simply Go to the directory that is listed in the Command Prompt. The default user folder for you will be C: Users<yourusername>

Fifth Step – Analysis Of Battery Report: The report provides details about your HP laptop’s battery functionality. Analyze the battery life like how many hours your laptop can be operative after getting fully charged. You can see the significant difference if now your laptop only meets 2 hours of battery time but before it supported a maximum of 5 hours. 

You can get the Battery Report by going to your user folder in the File Menu or by typing the battery report into Windows. It is essential to remember that File Explorer may be quicker than Windows Search in indexing the new report and allowing you to search for it. You can open the Battery Report using any web browser because it is saved as an HTML file. When you open it, you’ll find a lengthy document with a lot of information. How to figure out what each section means is as follows.

Every detail about the battery of your HP laptop will be given in the different sections in the battery life report. Check the recent usage data and long log history of your battery type. You can locate the issue if your battery is suffering from any dysfunction, or over usage. The sections of “Battery life estimate or Battery capacity history” are mainly used to check hows the battery is working. For example, the current battery life of my HP laptop is a minimum of 4:47:45 operative time after the battery is fully charged which is pretty good. 

In-Depth Analysis Of Battery Life Estimate

There are several ways to evaluate battery life in the Battery Report; however, most users will want to scroll to the section titled “Battery life estimates” at the report’s bottom. Based on how much time you spend using the battery each day or week, this does the math and estimates how long it could last.  

  • The estimate is helpful since you don’t have to drain the battery completely. Under At Full Charge, look at the Active column.  This will provide a result structured in hours, minutes, and seconds. For example, if the column says 4:56:22, the battery should last four hours, 56 minutes, and 22 seconds.
  • The log also contains the numbers “At Design Capacity” and “At Full Charge.”The At Full Charge column, which offers an estimate based on the maximum charge your laptop’s battery can currently hold, is the one to pay attention to. An estimate is made using the laptop’s maximum battery charge when it was new in the At Design Capacity column. If you have an older laptop, this is a good comparison.
  • There are flaws in the log. Since the estimate is based on your previous battery usage, it will be inaccurate if you alter your PC usage in the future. The slightest change can throw the estimate off, like switching web browsers.
  • When a system is only used for a short period in small spurts throughout the day, errors will be visible. If you don’t use the system for a few weeks, you might also notice errors. The math in the battery report can also occasionally prove a little odd.

HP Laptop Battery Health – Cycle Count & Charge Capacity

There are many dimensions to knowing How To Check Battery Health In HP Laptop Windows 10. Let’s check two additional options that Battery Report can tell you if your battery is getting too old. Cycle Count, located towards the top of the report under Installed Batteries, is the first. The number of times your laptop’s battery has been fully charged is known as the cycle count.

The battery may have been discharged by 20% five times or by 100% once during a single cycle. Before the capacity of a typical laptop battery changes significantly, it should be able to withstand several hundred charge cycles. Most can last between 500 and 1,000 cycles before the battery runs out.

You can also look at the section about battery capacity history halfway through the report. This gives you a log of the measured capacity as well as the battery’s design capacity, which is the amount of power it should keep if everything works as it should.

Although the design capacity of many brand-new laptops is slightly larger than the full charge capacity, this capacity will decrease as the battery ages. For instance, the laptop seen above is about ten years old. An aged battery has a full charge capacity of 20% or less of its original design capacity. However, nothing prevents you from driving a battery into the ground. Before its full charge capacity reaches zero, a modern laptop battery will stop working completely.

  1. Get Third-Party Software – Exceptional Resources

You can use third-party software to check your battery life in-depth and in a better way. There are many free battery monitoring software available online. Download and install the software on your laptop. The software will provide detailed information about the battery, including its health, capacity, and more. Here are some best options for you to get!

Pure Battery AnalyticTool you can Install or Download to check your battery operations and maintain the health of the battery of your HP laptop

Smarter Battery-Microsys is a great option and works best to maintain the battery life of a laptop it also provides details about all dimensions of the battery’s health. You can install and Download it for your laptop easily. 

Save Battery – this is the best option for your laptop if its battery starts getting problematic because it not only monitors your battery health it also saves power by controlling its supply while using a laptop.

BatteryInfoView – is also the best software that you can use for battery health information and maintenance. You can Download or Install it to access the battery report and power supply details.

Note: everyone who is looking for How To Check Battery Health In HP Laptop Windows 10 should know that. The battery health status may vary depending on the software or method used, and it is not always accurate. To get a more accurate picture of your battery’s health, it’s best to keep an eye on how long it lasts between charges, and when the battery life starts to decline significantly, consider replacing the battery.

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Measure or Check Battery Life –  Quick Test

You can estimate the battery life quickly, but you should study deeper for an accurate result. Check out the report’s battery usage section. This demonstrates the actual usage of the battery over the past three days. This three-day report can be used by putting three days of performance together, but it is harder for the user.

For your laptop to record an accurate result, you must force it to use its entire battery simultaneously. While using the laptop is typically possible, Use a movie, tool, or measurement that can run independently. A few suggestions are as follows:

  • Play a video that is at least 10 hours long on YouTube.
  • Make use of the Basemark Web 3.0 standard. Battery Life mode, which causes the benchmark to run indefinitely, should be enabled in the configuration options of the benchmark.
  • Create a custom web surfing macro and utilize the loop option to run it until the battery dies.
  • Create an infinitely repeating loop with a tool like Macro Recorder.
  • Additionally, disable all sleep and hibernation functions, including those that dim or turn off the display.

Wait until the laptop’s battery has reached a critical stage before beginning your chosen test. It will turn off by itself. Rerun the battery report after connecting the laptop to the power supply and turning it on. You can find out how long the battery lasted in the report’s Battery usage section.

If you take this test, you will get an accurate baseline for your endurance. You can either compare it to other tests of the same system similar to yours or, once a month, perform the test to evaluate how battery life changes over time.

Wrap Up

The battery is an essential component of a laptop, and it is necessary to know its health. There are several ways to determine the laptop battery’s health, so that is why (for your favor) we have discussed How To Check Battery Health in HP Laptop Windows 10. The discussed methods will help you identify the battery health, battery life, and also battery capacity. To check the battery health of your HP laptop running Windows 10, you can use the following methods: Use the built-in Battery Report: Press Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin)>Type in the following command: “power battery reporteport” and hit Enter>The battery report will be generated and saved as an HTML file in the User folder >Open the file and check the battery health under the “Battery life” section. If you want in-depth details of your laptop battery then you can Get Third-Party Softwsuch are: as Pure Battery Analytic, BatteryInfoView or save battery.  

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