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Whether you are an android user, Microsoft user, or Xbox player. If you are an avid gamer then no matter which operating model you have. All your concern is how much space Roblox takes up. These were a few of the myths that are spread most frequently within the gaming community. One common misconception among gamers is that Roblox needs plenty of space to run smoothly. Meanwhile, the fact is Roblox needs  MBs as the roblox files can be piled up in a hard drive. 

The magnificent Roblox should not be referred to as a video game. Rather, it is a multiplayer platform that gives players the resources and tools they need to make their own games and share them with others. However, the desirable amount of storage may be increased over time. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that everyone is always curious about how much space does Roblox take up.” For die-hard gamers who are passionate about Roblox, this article is a lucky jackpot. This article investigates details regarding how much space roblox demands when operating on different platforms. 

Let’s dive straight into the informative part.

Roblox Storage Space Requirements For Different Operating Models 

Roblox is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, though it may require some tweaking to run properly on Windows 7. Roblox can also be downloaded for mobile devices from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. As Roblox became popular, it made advancements and is now available on some platforms that allow gamers to download Roblox.

On Windows

It can be difficult to determine the storage size for Roblox on Windows. However, it may depend on the game mode the gamer plays. Roblox takes up between 240 MB and 300 MB on your Windows laptop or PC. It can be located in the default location after installation in “C: Username>AppDataLocalRobloxVersions”. 1 GB of free storage space is a good bet for players who want to play Roblox across multiple servers. Make sure there is space on your primary drive because no option can be shown to select the path to download. 

On Microsoft Store

The universe of Roblox can also be experienced on the Microsoft device. This requires you to set aside 237 MB of your valuable free space right away. The Microsoft game version is the same as the one for Windows 10. It can work with 32-bit and 64-bit systems as far as the version is 17763.0 or higher. Unlike the Windows version, gamers do not need to click on any specific Roblox game to download the launcher.

For Android

Morover, gamers can also play Roblox on any android device. However, it may require up to 128 MB of space on devices running Android 5.0 or higher. To avoid any fluctuation the gamers need to update the roblox when notified, however, updating also requires storage. downloading the old version of roblox on an android device from the Google play store may require space ranging from 90 to 135 MB. 

For Xbox Consoles

The Xbox, among kids, is most commonly used for playing games. However, the most recent version of Xbox Roblox requires 367 MB of storage space in the Xbox game library. For running Roblox on the Xbox,  you may notice a few additional updates running in the background, which can be determined by the game mode the player chooses. To be on the safe side, the Xbox must have at least 1 GB of space.

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Why Does The Roblox Space-hunger Folder?

In a hurry to be aware of how much storage space Roblox’s base version requires. 

Well, Roblox needs a roomy space to accommodate the application on the device. That amount, though, has the potential to quickly multiply tenfold. Due to the additional files that can accumulate over time in the Roblox folder. Instead of having to manually log out and begin the process all over again, the players in this case choose to rejoin a server. 

Doing this would not delete the game files. Meanwhile, Roblox stores critical information on its servers, and in the cloud, your client gathers a variety of cache files and unique in-game resources.

To add more, Roblox offers numerous game modes, each with dozens of servers. Players can therefore anticipate the number of 3D and 2D models of the player characters and other objects they might need to download. Some servers make you download a ton of resources even if gamers never use them in-game in order to stop lag and texture loading. Roblox game files may continue to be large because not all developers are talented or have the resources to hire help.

After prolonged use, this issue may become explosive. After years of continuous play, Roblox gamers might complain that their game has grown to a file size of close to 50 GB. The fact is that their information is safe on the server. This can be avoided by periodically reinstalling the game rather than downloading new files.

Although gamers can delete files whenever they want, the device alerts them when their storage space is running low.

What Does Roblox Need In Terms Of Hardware?

If you play Roblox, you’ll need something that makes the game run smoothly without lagging and buffering even though it doesn’t have the highest graphic requirements or have particularly demanding system requirements. so as to prevent shuddering while playing. The system needs to be capable of handling gaming and delivering error-free gaming.

Let’s look at some requirements that the laptop or PC must meet generally.

Graphics card

Significantly, the graphics card plays an important role when it comes to gaming. The graphic card acts as a basic ingredient that adds more flavors and tastes to your gaming. Games like Roblox need quality graphics that help gamers with image editing, video editing, and playing high-resolution videos. The Roblox application requires feature-level support for DirectX 10 or higher. The professionals advise either a PC with a dedicated video card that is under five years old or a laptop with an integrated video card that is under three years old for the best performance.

For example, the graphic card that is powered by “GeForce FX 5500”, “Intel GMA 3100” or “Radeon 9500” can be suitable for Roblox.


A processor is also important to boost the computing speed while gaming. The combination of a speedy processor and an impressive graphics card makes the gaming experience wonderful. Moreover, Roblox recommended that the device have a processor that is powered by a core i5 or more. AMD processors from earlier generations have some issues. According to Roblox, the processor must have a clock speed of 1.6 GHz or higher. So, that avid gamers can run the games without blinking their eyes.

Storage Memory 

When several programs are open at once, the RAM can become heavily taxed and be prevented from giving Roblox and other games their full attention. So, if you have been multitasking, close other running programs, such as web browsers and antivirus software. Roblox recommends running the game on an operating system like Windows 7, 8, or 9. Your device also has at least 1 GB of storage space to accommodate this space-hunger game. 

Although installing Roblox requires at least 20 Mb of system storage, Roblox recommends that you have this amount.

Bottom Line

Indeed, Roblox is easy to install as well as easy to use. This article can give you details about how much space does Roblox takes up. It is concluded that Roblox is a multiplayer video game, and all of the crucial information can be piled up on the device server. Furthermore, it doesn’t eat up much space on your hard drive, rather, it only uses a few MBs. In a nutshell, these files can accumulate at the back end and can be deleted when the user wants.

FAQs: How Much Space Does Roblox Take Up

  • Is Roblox Studio capable of autosaving?

Roblox Studio can offer an autosave option. In order to access it, choose File > Advanced > Open Autosaves. When you first open Studio, it typically also prompts you to use your autosave.

  • How much storage does Roblox required?

To install Roblox, you should have at least 20 Mb available on your system. However, if gamers can experience issues with memory while using it, there might be another problem. Your RAM capacity may be restricted by certain Windows installations.

  • Does low storage laptop run Roblox?

Yes, the laptop that doesn’t offer horsepower processing can run Roblox. For further details, you can visit the professional websites of “Roblox”.

  • Is Roblox cost-free?

On the iPhone, Android, and other devices, Roblox can be downloaded for free.

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