Does OLED Emit Blue Light?

OLED stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diodes” and is the flat light emitting technology introduced by putting a series of thin organic films between the two conductors. When the electrical current is applied to these two conductors, a massive bright light is emitted. It is thinner than other display devices like TV because it does not require black light. 

The OLED display is based on organic thin films composed of semiconductors and placed between the light-emitting diodes. And these films produce the display. These are the white light, and all the white lights contain the blue light. So, does OLED emit blue light? Let’s find out! 

A Smarter Way to Manage Blue Light Exposure

Recent technology can manage blue light to limit its harmful effects on humanity. So for this purpose, the OLED is introduced to control the blue light exposure that is majorly present in the LED of the LG company. The blue light is emitted from the black light of the LCD. 

When the liquid crystal of the LCD changes its shape, then it produces a black spot and also brightens the screen, and has less saturated colors. The OLED technology in the LED emits naturally blue light as compared to the traditional LCD and TV

It also maintains the contrast by the perfect combination of the light and gives excellent image quality. It also provides comfort to the eyes and enhances the viewing experience. 

Facts About The Blue Light Emitting From OLED

OLED emits white light, which contains all the visible spectrum colours, including blue light.  You are exposed to blue light during your days, at night, and all the waking hours, but it will not be much harmful. You don’t need to be very concerned about it as this is a minor downside to it and not so harmful.  

It also contains some detrimental effects on your eyes and circadian rhythm. So you should all be careful about this. The OLED Telilvsions emit the minimum amount of blue that is 70% less harmful than the radiations emitted from the LCD. the latest technology and advanced versions emit only 6.5% blue lights, but their intensity is too low. 

General Effects of OLED

In the TV world, people do not give importance to their eye’s health, and they undervalue this. But now they are beginning to give attention to their eye’s health. They are careful about choosing electronic displaying devices. Long screen exposure can produce side effects, and it is essential to understand the blue light emitting from the screens. The LG company has only OLED technology, and thus it is a more thrust company among its competitors. 

Blue light is harmful in the most valuable time of our day (bedtime). It gives the sign to inhabit the melatonin production, which is more effective in the quality and the quantity of sleep the night. As a result, your eyes begin to dry and cause eye strain. You should be worried about it because prolonged exposure to the screen can also create severe conditions like myopia.

The eyes of the children are more sensitive the blue light, which produces risk in their early stages. These days kids are excited to watch the TV, computer, laptop, and smartphone, which is why they have a higher possibility of experiencing eye health deterioration in their early stages.


The OLED technology is developed in the recent LED to make it more perfect. All the LEDs produce white lights, which contain a spectrum of lights like blue light. But the OLED technology reduces the number of blue light emitting from the screen display. Blue light can be harmful to human health, and it may affect the optical power and can cause serious conditions for you. The children’s eyes are more sensitive to exposure to blue light so keep them away from the displaying screens like smartphones, TV, laptop, computer, etc. 

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