Can You Charge A Laptop With USB C – Challenges & Protective Measures (Explained)


The response to the question “Can You Charge A Laptop With USB C” is “It depends” when referring to modern laptops. Despite the fact that USB-C ports and power are more prevalent on laptops. Charging via USB-C isn’t a standard, and it’s frequently clear whether it’s even compatible with a laptop. In order to make … Read more

How Can I Record My Screen On Laptop (Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS)- Quick And Easy Methods


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How To Unlock Company Locked Laptop  (Administrator or Domain/Username Lock: RESOLVED)

How To Unlock Company Locked Laptop

Several laptops come with the company/administrator locked, due to safety or security measures. It must be frustrating for users because they get a laptop and it never allows them to log in for work operations. It happened that a new laptop keeps saying that it was locked by another username/domain or by an administrator.  And … Read more

How to Fix Your Laptop’s Wifi Connection Problem: Instructions to Make It Work


If your Wi-Fi connection is available on your mobile phone or iPad but your laptop has an issue notifying it, you can fix it with the connection setting. There can be 2 dimensions behind the internet connection problem, the first might occur due to a Wi-Fi router or adapter default, and the second might happen … Read more

How To Connect Your Projector to Soundbar – In-Depth Guidance


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Disadvantages of 2-in-1 Laptop – Why Not Plunge With Laplet


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Printer Parts Name With Picture – 10 Printer Parts Deem Necessary


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How To Restart Laptop Using Keyboard Options – Quick and Easy Way’s


Restarting a laptop resolves several junks and glitches. Sometimes we need to restart the laptop or computer by using only the keyboard if the trackpad becomes unresponsive due to overburdening. And if we do not restart or update the laptop, it will lead to stuttering or hanging problems.  Your laptop windows XP requires a restart … Read more

How To Shutdown A Lenovo Laptop – Ways And Means


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How To Solve Laptop Heating Problem – A Solutions Giveaway


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How Much Space Does Roblox Take Up – Gamers, That’s For You! 

How Much Space Does Roblox Take Up

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How To Make Your Chromebook Keyboard Light Up – Quick And Easy Solution

How To Make Your Chromebook Keyboard Light Up

Chromebooks are developed to operate chromeOS with google cloud storage at the fastest speed. The latest Chromebooks have a keyboard light feature that allows users to utilize it even in the dark or low light. Wanted to know how the Chromebook Keyboard Light Up? Well, here is how!  Chromebook keyboards, mostly, never offer a direct … Read more