Can Laptops Be Tracked – Quick Hacks and Precautions  

Devices like laptops are dominating now a day and cover a broad range of work demands. Because of mobility, efficiency, entertainment, education, and networking, laptops are crucial in today’s connected and fast-paced world. This makes them a flexible and essential tool. Have you ever felt fear, about what will happen if your laptop gets lost or misplace unintentionally, it’s the worst thing to even imagine. Upon this thought, the question that comes to our minds is can a stolen laptop be tracked, or how to find a missing laptop? 

The answer to this question is “Yes” but still it depends on certain conditions and security measures by manufacturers or users. It’s essential to take swift action and notify the police of any loss once your laptop has just been stolen or missing. In addition to the data supplied by your tracking software, they might be able to help you locate your misplaced laptop using additional techniques. You can also locate your devices using different tracking methods and applications in the system. 

If your laptop got misplaced and you are searching for “Can Laptops Be Tracked” then scroll down to track it right now! 

Can Laptops Be Tracked – Quick Hacks

The procedure of locating a stolen or lost laptop utilizing a variety of techniques and technologies is known as laptop surveillance. Tracking software or services that might be installed just on the laptop prior to it being stolen or misplaced can be used to achieve this. The laptop may then be located remotely and details about its placement, location, and use can be obtained using the tracking program or service. For example, as a security measure, most the people enable “Find my device” function, enable “GPS”, Or install the software. In case they misplace the laptop this prior management wil help them to locate or find it. If you have these features in your missing laptop then here are the details about using them to find t as soon as possible. 

Use The “Find my device” Feature

If your laptop got misplaced the first question pop up in your mind will  “my laptop was stolen how can I find it”. You can use the “find my device” feature it’s really easy to operate. Mostly find my device is known for android devices but this feature is available in windows 10 and 11. With this option, you can locate the missing laptop and lock it until you get it back. It also provides the exact location of your laptop where someone opens or tries to use it. Upon never getting the upgraded location it will tell the previously known location of your laptop. You can connect your devices with your “G-mail or Google Account” here one android device is a must required. For example, if you have an android mobile phone then you can link your laptop, tablet, or I-pad to it. If your laptop is nowhere to be found then you can check the location from your mobile phone using this google feature. You will be able to track your laptop only if you have turned this feature on.

Google provides its “Find My Device” feature as a service to assist in finding, locking, or erasing a missing or stolen device. Take these actions to locate you missing laptop now

  • Go to the “Find My Device” website: Open a web browser and go to the “Find My Device” page at
  • Sign in to your Google account: Sign in to the same Google account that you used on your lost or stolen device.
  • Locate your device: The website will display a map that shows the last known location of your device. You can use the map to pinpoint its exact location.
  • Take action: By hitting the “Ring” button, you can make your device ring if it is close. button. You can use the “Erase” button to completely delete all of the data on it if you believe it to be lost forever.
  • Lock your device: To stop illegal access to your personally identifiable information if you can’t find your smartphone, lock it. By selecting “Lock” and entering a brand new lock screen password, you can accomplish this.

Users can operate this feature only if they have enabled it before in case of an alarming situation. You can easily enable this option from your windows 10 laptop. Simply go to the setting panel > update & security >Find my device > turn on the tracking option, and it’s done. Consider that, to use the “Find My Device” feature, your device must have location services enabled and be signed in to your Google account.

Use The “GPS” To Find Stolen LaptopCan Laptops Be Tracked

Global positioning system GPS is also the greatest way to locate your missing laptop. The question is  Can Laptops Be Tracked, if yes then how to track your laptop Devices like mobile phones, I-Pads, tablets, and laptops can be tracked via GPS, a satellite-based navigation system. If your laptop offers a built-in GPS adapter then you will get the GPS option to track your device at any time.  You can check the details about whether can you track a stolen laptop with GPS.  Here are the procedures for tracking a device using GPS: 

  • Enable GPS on the device: Make sure that GPS is enabled on the device you want to track. On most smartphones, you can enable GPS from the “Settings” app under the “Location” or “Security & location” section.
  • Install a GPS tracking app: There are many GPS tracking apps available on the App Store or Google Play Store. Choose one that suits your requirements and the device, you intend to track and install it.
  • Register the device: Follow the app’s instructions to detect a device, and register it. You’ll usually must up for an account and log in.
  • Share the device’s location: After registering the device, you can initiate tracking the laptop’s location. The app will utilize GPS to locate the laptop and share that data or information with you. Some apps allow you to view the location in real-time, while others may only provide updates at set intervals.
  • View the device’s location: Depending on the app, you can view the device’s location either on a map within the app or on a web-based dashboard. Some apps also offer extra features such as the ability to set up geofencing, receive notifications when the device enters or exits a specific area, or track multiple devices at once.

Note: The accuracy of GPS tracking can be affected by a number of factors, including the device’s location, the number of satellites in view, and the quality of the GPS receiver.

Track The Laptop With the Serial Number 

Every single laptop or computing device is given a unique identification number called a serial number. It is used to distinguish one laptop from another and can be used to track warranty information, software updates, or technical support requests. The serial number is typically located on the bottom of the laptop or within the battery compartment and may also be printed on the laptop’s original packaging or included in the documentation that came with the device. The format of a serial number can vary depending on the manufacturer, but it typically consists of a combination of letters and numbers. Another query about tracing a device is whether can you track a laptop using a serial number and what is its procedure. The serial number of a laptop can be used to track its location in certain circumstances. Here’s how:

  • File Stealing Or Missing Report: If your laptop is stolen, the first step is to report the theft to the police. Give them the specific serial number of the lost laptop, along with any other relevant information, such as the make and model of the device.
  • Contact the manufacturer: Many laptop manufacturers have a program in place to assist in the recovery of lost or stolen laptops. Contact the company that manufactured your device or laptop, and give them its specific serial number. They possibly are able to help in tracking its location.
  • Use tracking software: If you have installed tracking software on your laptop before it was lost or stolen, you can use the software to locate your device. The tracking software will typically use the serial number of your laptop to identify it and retrieve information about its location.
  • Monitor online marketplaces: On websites like eBay or Craigslist, robbed or stolen laptops are occasionally sold for a profit. Monitor these sites and look for any listings that match the make, model, and serial number of your laptop.
  • Check with repair shops: If your laptop is found, it may be taken to a repair shop. Contact local repair shops and provide them with the serial number of your device. They possibly are able to aid in retrieving it.

While using the serial number to track a lost or stolen laptop can be effective, it’s important to remember that there are no guarantees. The success of tracking a laptop depends on several factors, including the location accuracy of the device and the actions taken by the person who stole it. However, reporting the theft to the authorities and using available tools and resources can increase your chances of recovering your lost laptop.

Use Laptop Tracking Software (If Installed)

You can Trace the laptop if you have installed tracking software already to avoid the struggle of locating it upon getting missing. If you are looking for how to track your laptop or can laptops be tracked then install software for future ease.  It is a simple and quick method to track a stolen laptop if it has tracking software installed on it. There are various tracking software and services available, such as Prey, Find My (for Macs), and Lojack for Laptops, that can help you locate your stolen laptop. These services work by sending a stealth message to your laptop and allowing you to retrieve its location and other information. Here are the following steps to trace a laptop using tracking software:

  • Locate your laptop: Use the software’s map feature to locate your laptop. This feature should show you the current location of your laptop based on its GPS or Wi-Fi information.
  • Take action: Depending on the tracking software you’re using, you may have several options for what you can do once you’ve located your laptop. For example, you may be able to lock the laptop, make it play a sound, or erase its data to protect your privacy.
  • Contact the authorities: If your laptop has been stolen, it’s important to contact the police and report the theft as soon as possible. Give them the location information you obtained from the tracking software and any other information you have about the theft.

It’s important to note that tracking software can only be used if your laptop is turned on and connected to the internet. In addition, the effectiveness of tracking a stolen laptop depends on several factors, such as the location accuracy of the device and the actions taken by the person who stole it. If your laptop was stolen, it’s best to act quickly and report the theft to the authorities as soon as possible. They may be able to assist you in tracking down your stolen laptop using other methods.

Use The IP Address To Locate The Device

A laptop can be tracked through its IP address, which is assigned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) when the laptop is connected to the internet. Most people confirm that it’s not possible to track a laptop using an IP address. However, you can determine the general geographic location of a laptop or device using its IP address. An IP address is a unique identifier provided to every other internet-connected device. This address can be used to determine the general location of the device based on the IP address’s origin country, region, city, and internet service provider. You can access this information by utilizing an IP address lookup tool such as or

Keep in mind that, this information may not always be valid or accurate and can be easily manipulated. Therefore, It is not a highly credible means of locating a laptop. Additionally, the device’s IP address can change frequently, so it’s possible that the information obtained may not be current. If you need to locate a lost or stolen laptop, it’s best to contact law enforcement and provide them with any available information, such as the laptop’s make and model, serial number, and any other relevant details.

How To Track A Mac Laptop

If you have an Apple MacBook laptop and you want to know can you track a laptop with MacOS. The answer is yes, you can track it using the “Find My” feature built into macOS. This feature allows you to locate your MacBook on a map, lock it remotely, or erase its data to protect your privacy. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Open the “System Preferences” on your MacBook and click on “iCloud”.
  • Log in to your iCloud account if you haven’t logged in already.
  • Click on the “Find My” option and make sure the “Find My Mac” option is checked.

Once you’ve set up “Find My” on your MacBook, you can track it from any other device by going to and logging in to your iCloud account. From there, you’ll be able to see the location of your MacBook on a map and take actions like locking it or wiping its data.

It’s important to note that “Find My” only works when your MacBook is connected to the internet.You won’t be able to track a laptop if it’s offline until it comes back online. However, if you have the “Find My” feature enabled, you’ll receive a notification when your MacBook comes back online, which can help you locate it if it’s been lost or stolen.

Precautions For Laptop Security If Stolen 

 We have discussed in detail about can you track a laptop or how to find a missing laptop. You must be looking for some safety measure to keep your laptop secure in case it misplace or get theft. If you get a new laptop and want to know “can a brand new laptop be traced” then tracking software as safety measures for a new laptop to avoid the future hustle. I also use all these mentioned parameters to enhance the security of my devices and important data. You can use the following  Here are precautions you can take to help protect your laptop if it’s stolen:

  • Enable password protection: Make sure you have a strong password set up on your laptop to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Use tracking software: Install tracking software like “Prey” or “Find My Mac” on your laptop that can help you locate it if it’s stolen.
  • Backup your data: Regularly back up your data to an external hard drive or cloud storage service so you don’t lose important files if your laptop is stolen.
  • Use encryption: Encrypt your hard drive to protect sensitive data, in case someone manages to access your laptop.
  • Disable auto-login: Don’t set up your laptop to automatically log in to your user account, as this can make it easier for a thief to access your data.
  • Be careful with public Wi-Fi: Avoid accessing sensitive data on public Wi-Fi networks, as these can be less secure and more susceptible to hacking.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings: Pay attention to your surroundings when using your laptop in public places and keep an eye on it at all times to minimize the risk of theft.

You can shield your laptop and reduce the risk of data theft if it is stolen by adopting these procedures. These safety measures about how to track a stolen laptop will aid you infuture if you face this risk. However, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst and keep backup copies of your important data in a secure location.

Final Thought

When we come across the threat of stealing or misplacing our laptop, it clicks us to know“Can Laptops Be Tracked”.Yes, it is possible to track a laptop if it has a built-in tracking device or if you have installed tracking software on it. Some laptops, such as those made by Lenovo, have built-in tracking devices that allow you to locate the laptop if it’s lost or stolen. There are many third-party tracking software programs available that you can install on your laptop to help you locate it if it’s lost or stolen. Some of the best well choices include “Prey” and “Absolute LoJack.” If you have a Macbook laptop, you can use the “Find My” feature built into macOS to track it. This feature allows you to locate your MacBook on a map, lock it remotely, or erase its data to protect your privacy. If you have an Android laptop, you can use Google’s Android Device Manager to locate your device on a map, lock it, or erase its data.

Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that tracking a laptop is not always foolproof. In order to be located, the device needs to be turned on and linked to the internet. Additionally, tracking software or devices can be disabled by the person who has stolen the laptop, making it more difficult to locate. If you get a new laptop and want to know “can a brand new laptop be traced” then tracking software as safety measures for a new laptop to avoid the future hustle.

Frequently Asked Queries:

Can a brand-new laptop be traced?

A brand-new laptop can be traced if it has a built-in tracking device or if you have installed tracking software on it before it was lost or stolen. Some laptops, such as those made by Lenovo, have built-in tracking devices that allow you to locate them.

Also, there are many third-party tracking software programs available that you can install for laptop tracking. For macOS laptops “Find My” feature is built to track stolen laptop. Get Google’s Android Device Manager if you windows laptop.

What should I do if my laptop gets stolen?

If your laptop has been lost or stolen, it’s important to act quickly and report the theft to the authorities. They may be able to assist you in tracking down your lost laptop using other methods, in addition to the information provided by your tracking software. You can also track your laptop if you have priorly installed and run tracking software. Or you can use methods like the “Find my device” Feature for windows, GPS tracking, laptop serial number, and “Find My” feature for MacOS.

How to find lost laptop using tracking software?

To find a lost laptop using tracking software, you’ll need to have already installed the software on your laptop before it was lost or stolen. Here’s a general overview of how to use tracking software to find a lost laptop: Log in to your account >Take action on the tracking software using its options > once you’ve located your laptop > Contact the authorities. Always, installing authorized tracking software is not foolproof to get the valid tracking information 

How I can find my laptop’s IP address?

You can check the IP address of your laptop using the command prompt. Click the Windows button from the keyboard, then press X to launch the Command Prompt. From the menu, choose Command Prompt (Admin). On your keyboard, input “wmic bios get serialnumber”, and then hit Enter. The serial number will be visible on the screen.

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