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Best Laptops For Students Under 500$ – A Must Pick 

Most students never use laptops for rocket science. If you are a student and need a laptop that can do your basic day-to-day tasks, maybe a bit more. Then you might not spend a dollar of cash on an ultra-powerful laptop. 

It is simply because the laptop that costs $500 can manage daily tasks just fine. The student, out of relaxation, also plays the game and watches the video without any glitches. Not all laptops are created equally, and certain models are designed to excel in specific situations.

Whether you are a medical student, who needs a laptop that can give crystal clear zoom-in results to grasp the details with full resolution, or a student whose majority of tasks are done via Zoom Meeting or Google Classroom

Don’t fret! Fortunately, there are ample models of laptops that are affordable, reliable, and considered to be the best laptops for students under $500.

How Is A Laptop Useful For Students? 

Besides the availability of different types of laptops, there are a wide variety of tasks that the students perform on the laptop. With the great revolution in technology, the ways of studying and writing also transformed accordingly.

Like, students can do most of their tasks digitally instead of traditionally, for example; notebooks transform into documents while penning changes to the typing via keycap. Let’s read on for more advantages and usage.

Efficient In Taking Notes

The first advantage of the laptop for students is the ability to digitally make notes. Writing by hand is time-consuming as compared to taking notes by typing them on word documents. Also, taking digital notes is flexible and faster.  

Whether it is a physical class or a virtual class, digital note-taking enables the students to organize and index informational points rapidly during the lectures. Thus, those written words can help the students dig deeper into the topic by searching for it on the search engine. This method results in successfully making the proper PDF file and saving those files in the laptop space or Google Drive

Hence, the laptop accommodates a whole classroom. Unlike traditional writing, which might be destroyed or lost, digital notes remain in the drive until you want to store them.

Bountiful Options For Editing And Writing

Secondly, in writing projects and academic papers, there are a variety of editing options out there for students. Also, help the students with writing papers with different tools in MS Word fonts, sizes, colors, paragraph spacing, and lining.

Due to advanced tools, typing makes the writing process faster. Furthermore, digital documentation makes the work more efficient and proficient. Unlike, writing on paper, students might seek help from the library’s books, so more time is required to gather and compile the data. A laptop is a speedy way to give all the facilities under the hood. 

Study in Group Form

Group study is essential for the success of students. Students learn new or even more rapidly in group studies, as the interaction of the students might create innovative ideas and clarify existing concepts. However, competition is also an element to encourage. This could only be possible because of the laptop, which enables the students to connect virtually.

For example, laptops provide a way for students to meet at a certain place, whether it is the library or the home of the students. So, students have access to all the study materials; including, online research, classroom notes or journal articles, etc.

Connectivity And Accessibility

One of the most common and biggest advantages of having laptops is that they get easy and fast access to information. For that, WiFi connectivity is required to connect to the internet and do unlimited scrolling.

By accessing the internet, students get a lot of material for their search and can also seek help from the software and tools. If you are doing academic work, then MyBib for referencing. You can also gain relevant information through websites including EdX, Academic Earth, and BigThink.

Regardless of grade and age, all the students get a lot of fruitful benefits from the laptop. The students get all the above-mentioned advantages from one device. Afterward, the functionality of laptops varies depending on need and budget. So, be wise in choosing the best laptop for students under $500.

Editors Choice: Best Laptop For Students Under 500$

There are many laptops that I have personally used throughout my school and academic life. I personally found the Acer Aspire 5 (A514-54) to be the most sturdy machine. The Acer Aspire 5 is the laptop that has everything a budget-minded student is looking for. Its versatility shines whether being used for media playback or for everyday productivity tasks. 

Lastly, Acer has a pretty nice battery life that will last all day, decent performance, a robust processor, and an impressive graphics card. It also gets you in at a mid-range price. It’s perfect for lugging around from class to class, but at the same time, its portability does not create any sacrifice to its durability. 

Additionally, it has a narrow bezel and the hinge opens up to 180 degrees. Plus, the keyboard has backlighting and the keys are flat and low without being too soft. So, the keyboard is best for academic writing and touch-types that touch types feedback. This keyboard has a satisfying click when actuated, making it an excellent choice for students. Overall, it is best when it comes to making a dollar count, and the Acer 5 is the best laptop for students under $500.

If you are on a budget and need to purchase a laptop to fulfill your academic and day-to-day tasks, then you have hit the jackpot. I tailored those laptops that are considered to be the best laptops for students under $500. Let’s move towards crisp information.

Top Best Laptops For Students Under $500 

With so many laptops available for students, therefore, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. In this article, I have narrowed down some of the best laptops out there.

So, before spending the harsh-earned money, take a look at the below-mentioned laptops that satisfy your needs. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

Acer Aspire 5 A514-54Best laptop for college student

Recommended configuration

CPU Intel Core i5-1135G7
RAM 8GB Storage
Display 14-inch, 1900×1200, non-touch
Weight 3.2 pounds
Color Gold

Best For? For students’ daily homework and full-definition details,

Acer Aspire 5 is pretty much the best laptop for students under $500. In a hurry to know what you get when lifting up the laptop. For the medical student, it is a real gem that boasts a premium design with an impressive screen. Let’s check out its features in detail. 

Processor Details

The Acer Aspire is powered by an Intel Core i5 with the quad-core series 1135G7 processor. With that, the students should be able to do anything on the laptop, like host a server, use VirtualBox, and use VMware. It operates on Windows 11 Smode, allowing only the use of apps from the Microsoft Store. 

The downside is that Windows 11 S mode limits the students’ web browsing to Microsoft Edge, but Acer 5 allows them to switch to Windows 11 Home. Additionally, with its 2.4 GHz computing speed, the student can juggle many extensive college projects simultaneously. 

“Acer Aspire is the study buddy”!

Graphic Card

If you are a medical student and use apps like “Scientific ChartingandDiagrammingto illustrate the skeleton, body, or skull structural diagram, then the Acer Aspire is the best laptop for students under $500. With its IPS panel display and the powerful GPU by Intel Iris Xe. 

Moreover, the pixel quality is also impressive; the medical students are also able to zoom in on every side of the diagram to get deep details.


The Acer Aspire A514-54 is super-portable, lighter, and more compact than the different Windows laptops offered for 500 dollars. The Aspire 5’s features a 14-inch display size with a screen resolution of about 1920 x 1080, which provides a crystal-glass display. 

The high screen resolution is most important for the student as its eyes are too sensitive to the harsh panel. Its IPS panel display generates a more vivid plus life like-color. Thanks to these features, which can eliminate factors like horrendous and pixelated panels, 

Keyboard and Trackpad

The portable machine also features a reliable and accurate keyboard with a comfy trackpad. The plus point is its comfortable trackpad, which can promote reduction and improve the students’ mastery skills. 

For junior students, trackpads are a great choice better than mouse because they provide the students with a hands-on experience with their content. Thus, the student can avoid rattling and flexing while operating the task. 

Battery Timing

Acer has an above-average battery life that lasted 9 hours.

  • Easily switch to Windows 11 Home
  • Average battery life

  • Lack of Fingerprint sensor
  • Unnesscary Bloatware

Verdict: What could be better?

Overall, the Acer Aspire 5 A514 is the best laptop for students under $500. Unlike cheap laptops, Acer is packed with a punch of portability and compatibility. Plus, its 1080p screen dimension makes the Acer a wonderful choice for medical students as well. 

Asus Chromebook Detachable CMGoogle-focused student

Recommended Configuration

CPU MediaTek MTK 8183
RAM 4GB Storage
Display 10.5-inch, 1900×1200,
Weight 2 pounds
Color Mineral Gray

Best For? For instructional video streaming, content writers, and readers

If you need a laptop for day-to-day from writing purposes to a virtual library, the stylish Asus Chromebook is the best choice. Lift the laptop’s cover, giving you a versatile 2-in-1 detachable laptop. It also offers a USI stylus pen for journaling on the touch screen. In a hurry to know about its astonishing features? Let’s get started.

Processor details

This stylish laptop offers an advanced, powerful processor powered by the ARM MediaTek 8183 CPU that provides horsepower efficiency to boot up within a second. This speedy yet pricy processor can go the best and is suitable for students who spend a lot of their study hours in the virtual library. It has a highly efficient speed of up to 2.0 GHz while web because it can clear up the 1M cache, preventing the operations from buffering. 


The Asus Chromebook features a vibrant and versatile 10.5 inches display that is convenient for students’ digital browsing and content consumption. It also provides a natural and bright color while performing daily tasks, free from eye strain. Adding on, The Chromebook is 1920 wide and 1200 high, resulting in a total resolution of 2,073,600 – screen pixels on the screen. Plus, if you are a novice painter, you can digitally draw with the stylus pen, which gives a close interaction while painting on the Corel Painter.

Portability And Detachable 

The display and the size of the laptop are the most important factors for both primary and high schoolers. In addition, it is lightweight at about 1.12 lbs. This means that its handy shape and portability enable the students to easily drag it into the bag. If you are an avid reader, then this detachable Chromebook provides you with real-book mode.

Battery Timing

In addition to its durable chassis, the bonus is that the Asus detachable Chromebook comes with a healthy battery life of 12 hours. This type of battery life is sufficient for students. It also allows the students to attend virtual classes, and web browsing while traveling, or anywhere for a straight 4–5 hours without plugging into the sockets.


The downside is that the Asus Chromebook has only two connections; one port for the audio jack and a port for the USB 2.0-Type C. As mentioned above, connectivity is also not a big problem for students. As they primarily used the laptop for word processing, streaming audio and video, and web browsing. Also, the student can store their files in the drive, so minus the need for SDcard.

  • Durability
  • Decent stylus pen
  • Epic Battery life

  • Under heavy workload, the speed becomes slow
  • It has only two ports

Verdict: What could be better?

The chassis-designed Asus CM3 is a robust and powerful Chromebook. However, its 2-in-1 versatile form, diminutive size, stylish ergonomics, and the healthy battery life might win the hearts of students. Overall, it is a good choice of laptop for students who use laptops for web browsing, Google Classroom, and Zoom classes.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3  –  Roomy Storage

Recommended configuration

CPU Intel Core i3-1115G4 
RAM 8GB Storage
Display 15.6-inch, 1900×1200,
Weight 4.1 pounds
Color Abyss Blue

Best For? For productive and creative activities

If you are a virtual learner and face difficulties in saving PDF files, assignments, final proposals, and virtual software like Zoom and Google Earth VR, Then, the Lenovo Ideapad is for you, which provides full room storage space to save all your module tasks on one laptop.


First and foremost, the Lenovo Ideapad supports only two cores with SSD storage of 256GB, which is the minimum. It is powered by an Intel Core i3, so its low-powered processor slows down and becomes less responsive under heavy and intensive workloads like running games. Thus, this laptop is not meant to be for multitasking and multiprocessing.

It operates on Windows 11 “S mode, ensuring safety and security. However, most students are not fully satisfied with browsing from Microsoft edge. For that, you can switch out the “S mode” and switch to the window home 11.

Disk Space

In addition to its speedy processor, it offers a high and fast bandwidth RAM of 8GB that allows the students to smoothly run their PowerPoint presentations. If you are a fine arts student, then you can easily edit video applications and software like Clover Paintand ArtRage.

Furthermore, high school students can do complex and multiple tasks simultaneously on different tabs. Plus, its lightning-quick SSD can boot up the window in a second, load the files quickly, and has enough room to save the files and applications. RAM gives an additional tweak because a lot of space has already been upgraded when the user requires it.


The deep blue Lenovo features a real rarity touch screen of 15.6 inches. Due to its 1920×1080 screen resolution, the students can see clearer and more high-quality images on the screen. It would be great fun for junior students to watch movies on its full HD display on the go. Moreover, it features a touch screen for the ease of quick interaction with the use of the finger. 

In addition, it also has a full-size keyboard that gives the students a pleasing experience while typing on Google Docs and MS Word, as the keyboard contains a separate digital number on the pad for easy accessing the number. The flaw is, the students can drag the laptop easily into the bag, although it is a bit bulkier to carry.

Super-Fast WIFI

The students need a fast Wifi connection for running apps like Zoom Meeting, Virtual Box, and Google Meetings. For that, the Lenovo Ideapad is an ideal choice that supports the super-fast connectivity of Wi-Fi 6. So, with this speedy laptop, students can get rid of glitches and loading hustles during virtual classes.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Fast Wi-Fi connection
  • Roomy storage

  • Low-powered processor
  • Window S mode

Verdict: What could be better?

The Lenovo Idea Pad 3 is a suitable choice for students who need a large amount of space to store data, applications, and files. The double fun is that it operates in WindowS mode, which can be switched out when the user needs it. Although, compatible for students whose priority is a strong Wifi connection.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Engromic To Adore

Recommended configuration

CPU Intel Core, Gen-11
RAM 8GB Storage
Display 10.51 Inches, 1920×1280 Pixels
Weight 1.2 pounds
Color Platinum

Best for? For high-ending gaming and multi-processing

Graphic Card

If you are a software student or medical student, then this versatile laptop is perfect for creative visuals and presentations. Powerful graphics also allow medical students to run the application software in a single go. For example, OneNote is the most popular app among medical students that helps them take notes. Likewise, the software doesn’t need to worry more about its graphical presentation and creative visuals because Microsoft is compatible with the software. 

Randon-Access Memory

In addition, the storage space is known for its high-quality performance. Microsoft Surface Go 3 supports RAM of 8 Gigabytes. It is sufficient for the everyday operations of the students, including junior and high school students. In the future, for the ease of the students who have to deal with their academic tasks to complete their modules. Then, upgrading RAM is also a good option.

Processor details 

 The Microsoft Go 3 is equipped with a powerful quad-core Intel processor. It operates on Windows 11, allowing students to complete their processing within a second. It also provides the software and graphic students to take as many benefits as they can.

Display Size And Dimensions 

The speedy laptop also features a sensational feature that is suitable for students. Microsoft offers a Full HD display, which is suitable for students who like to spend their extra time playing games on their laptops. This powerful machine enables them to play games at the highest quality possible. The students can easily carry the laptop; it is a plus point, as its weight is 1.2 pounds. This portable laptop can slip into a school or college bag without any trouble.

The thin laptop offers a touch screen for direct interaction on the screen. The students can zoom into the details without worrying about the deterioration of pixels. because high-quality resolution with 220 pixel-per inch gives a natural outlook.  

Easy convertibility

The 2-in-1 laptop is meant for avid book readers and visual learners. They can easily convert the Microsoft laptop into tablet mode. Plus, its kickstand supports the tablet in a standing position. Readers can experience traditional book reading with an extra tweak of the stylus pen that acts as a pen. Additionally, beginners can do sketching and painting with this pen.

Moreover, regardless of the field of the students, This sturdy machine can go well with everyone and also provides a pleasing keyboard with a multi-trackpad. The sensational design is a key feature that wins the hearts of students. Lastly, the device’s keyboard has a backlight that is beneficial when the light is dim.

  “Microsoft’s ergonomic is user-friendly”

Battery life

This sturdy machine offers a healthy and long-life battery life. The bonus is that Microsoft runs with your everyday tasks as its battery life is 11 hours. The fast-charing feature never leaches the battery to death. It means, on the power drain, the fast charging gets the battery power more quickly from the empty drain, so it can charge to full in 1.5 hours. Students, the next day, can charge the battery at night. This will smoothly run with your school day,


The versatile Microsoft supports a plentiful number of connections for almost every possible connection. It also includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. In addition, suitable connections are offered, such as a headphone jack, a MicroSDXC card reader, and a USB-C port. This can benefit students who are also involved in gaming along with their studies.

 Windows Hello Support 

It also offers the finest features, and the students are more captivated by the features like Windows Hello support. This laptop is acting as your book, and this fingerprint sensor acts as an identity card to verify the students before logging in. 

  • Full HD display
  • Rejoicing Keyboard
  • Potent battery

  • Average performance in laptop mode
  • Lowest RAM

Verdict: What could be better?

The wonderful and best laptop for students under $500 is the Microsoft Surface Go. Nothing is lacking in features that Microsoft lacks. This study machine is packed with every possible feature at an affordable price.

Asus X512DA-BTS2020RL 

Recommended configuration

CPU AMD-BTS2020RL, Gen-10
RAM 8GB Storage
Display 15.6 Inches, 1920×1280 Pixels
Weight 3.70 lbs
Color Gray

Best For? Web browsing, light gaming, and Office work

 As a student, you are always looking for a laptop that is affordable and reliable. No worries at all. The trust-worthy Asus launches its newest model X512DA-BTS2020RL, which ranked on top among the students. Let’s discuss its features in detail.

 Operating model

The Asus X512DA is powered by the powerful AMD Ryzen, which operates on Windows 10. It can handle the students’ processing with an eye blink. The students feel free to operate in this model, for instance, needing to run files like multiple Google Chrome tabs, MS Word, Zoom, or virtual applications. Thus, under the hood, students run these apps conscientiously.

Note! As a computer student or graphic student, you might need an ultra-pro CPU. The best thing is to switch to an Asus pro laptop.  

Graphic card

This powerful model, X512DA, supports a solid-state drive of 512 GB, a Vega, and an impressive 8 GPU AMD Radeon, which maximizes the visual quality of the videos. Furthermore, the speedy Asus supports 8GB of DDR2 SDRAM. Its 8GB of storage also enables the students to save their files and data in the media library. 


This gray-designed not only attractive but is also lighter and super portable as the weight is 3.70 lbs, allowing the students to drag the laptop in their school bag. The students can see the image and video due to its 1920 x 1080 resolution screen. 

Also, its IPS display produces a real-like view. It is a plus point for medical, graphic, and computer students whose majority of tasks rely on drawing, sketching, and visualization. 

Moreover, its backlit keyboard provides a pleasing experience with every keystroke, and it is so smooth and responsive.

Fingerprint Reader

Asus features a fingerprint sensor. Whether to adopt it or not, it all depends on the needs of the students. The laptop only works with Windows Hello when the fingerprint user scans the laptop.

 Battery Life

If you are a virtual learner and the majority of your work is done from a laptop, then it might drain the power early because the maximum battery life is 5 hours. While the availability of the socket might solve the problem, it is somehow annoying to plug the laptop in every 5 hours.

  • Agile Fingerprint
  • Chaic-style display
  • Anti-glare Panel

  • Depleted battery
  • Short RAM

Our Verdict: What could be better?

Overall, Asus is the best choice for students, regardless of their field and career. The cost is also affordable, with exceptional features. Asus’s chiclet-style produces natural and vivid colors with FHD resolution. The gamers can be compatible with Asus X512DA.

 Dell Inspiron i5378 2 in 1Bountiful features

Recommended configuration

CPU 10-gen, Intel Core i3 7100U
RAM 4 GB Storage
Display 13.3 Inches, 1920×1280 Pixels
Weight 3.7 lbs
Color Theoretical gray

Best for? Students who are fussy about the feature.

If you need a laptop that occupies less space on the classroom desk, then the Dell Inspiron is the best laptop for students under $500. The students rejoice due to its 2-in-1 mode, enabling students to switch on the desired mode. In the mood for reading? The tablet is the best mode. Playing gaming in free time in laptop mode goes best with it.

Processor details

Gray designed Dell’s embedded Intel Core 3 processor, and the model is 7100U. It operates on Windows 7, which allows students to run their software and applications smoothly and efficiently. However, it comes with a processor speed of 2.40 GigaHertz. The CPU automatically cleans the cache up to 3M. This prevents the processor from overheating


The Speedy Inspiron offers built-in storage of 4 GB, which is the minimum for students to run their files and applications. While this storage can be upgraded to 16 GB, if the medical and graphics students feel the need for more space, then it will upgrade the RAM.

Display Size And Dimensions

The Dell Inspiron offers a 13.3 inches display screen with an FHD 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. It also offers an  IPS/ NTS  panel that does not produce a sharp and fake color due to which the students feel eye fatigue. The constant exposure of the students on the screen might cause their eyes to become dry and uncomfortable. So, with that, the IPS panel display is the best choice.

Convertible laptops offer a wide viewing angle all around the screen. Regardless of where you are sitting, either right, left, or straight up. The screen gives a clear image with zero reflection. Students must also take advantage of this feature, as there is no need to sit straight on the chair for an appropriate view.

Pro- Audio Quality

The Dells feature audio pro-technology for students who need clear audio quality while attending Zoom meetings and Google classrooms. Whether students use headphones or speakers, the audio quality remains the same and the clarity is improved.

  • Clear-crisp audio
  • Upgradation of RAM
  • Budget-friendly

  • Minimum RAM
  • No optical drive

Verdict: How’s it?

Overall, 13 inches Dell Inspiron offers powerful performance and bountiful features that are nice to have. It is the best convertible laptop for students because, despite having all the features, it is still affordable at under $500.

Samsung Chromebook 4 – Laptop With Potent Battery 

Recommended Specification

CPU Celeron N3450
RAM 4 GB Storage
Display 11.6 Inches, 1366 x 768
Weight 2.6 pounds
Color Platinum Titan

Best For? Medical and Engineer Students 

If you are looking for a super-thin and super-portable laptop that you can take anywhere with you, then the Samsung Chromebook is the ideal choice. If the maximum battery life is the priority of the Engineering and medical students they stay focused on their studies for at least 18 hours a day.

Processor Details

This silver Chromebook is the best laptop for students under $500, whose CPU is powered by an Intel Celeron 3000N. This processor is robust enough to handle the heavy workloads and heavy files of engineering students, like TurboViewer and Engineering Unit Converter. Also, use Google Suite for related searches. 

These apps are beneficial for students in calculating complex and scientific calculations. In addition, the robust processor brings efficiency and speed to little and every task. Also, light gaming, adds adventure and fun.

RAM Storage

Well, the RAM of the Samsung Chromebook is not as plentiful as that of other models. It comes with 4GB RAM that provides decent and enough power for the student’s day-to-day tasks and projects, especially at a reasonable price.

The all-new compact Chromebook allows users to do streaming, create productivity, and play games on the go. The students will save their data, files, and content work on the laptop with ease.

Display Size And Dimension

The silver hue Chromebook has thick and thin bezels with curved edges. Also, its aluminum top enhanced the ergonomics. Additionally, it offers a display size of about 11.6 inches. The immersive display gives an extra tweak with the combo of 1366 x 768. It allows the students to enjoy the cinematic visuals while gaming.

Battery Life

This robust machine supports lithium batteries that offer ultra-quality battery life. For students, the potent battery life of a maximum of 12 hours per day is a plus point that the Samsung Chromebook offers. This type of battery can go best with medical and engineering students who need more focused study for long hours.

  • Latency battery
  • Robust performance
  • Lighter and thinner

  • Thick bezels

Verdict: How’s it?

The Samsung Chromebook is a feat for  medical and engineering students. Silver-designed Chromebook has an incredibly ergonomic design with thick and thin edges. The unignorable feature is that it has potent and healthy battery life. All in all, it is the best laptop for students under $500.

Quick Consumer Guide For Best Laptops For Students Under 500$ – Chase The Steps 

The students buy laptops not only for study purposes, such as case studies and college assignments. However, they also opt for the laptops for sake of leisure activities and interests including; listening to music, playing games, watching comic or informational videos, and much more.

 Although, laptops are varies as your specification related to the laptop varies – from high-end processing to merely for the virtual library. Whether you are a junior student, a high-school student, or a senior high student, the choice of a laptop highly depends on your budget.

The good news is that, regardless of the school ranking, the best laptop for students under $500 is reasonable and worth considering. Before buying the laptop, the below-mentioned buying guide surely helps you enough to make a better decision.

Choose The Operating Model

Currently, the operating model that is considered to be the most popular isWindows 10. Also, almost every laptop supports the pre-installed Windows 10, which is user-friendly. With this model, the user can install any type of software, depending on what the user is going to study. It might be games for entertainment or productivity. 

Moreover, the laptops also required a specific operating system, including Linux and Mac OS. For instance, a Macbook is expensive. Also, the students can run the packaged software on the Mac, which could run on the PC. To run the window on the Mac, you first need to install it. On the other hand, Linux is affordable as well as offers a pre-installed window.

Thus, if you are a student and need a laptop for attending Zoom classes and Google classes or using any other specific software like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere, then students must go with Windows and macOS.

Wisely Choose The Processor

Secondly, be wise enough when choosing the RAM and the processor. It is one of the most crucial components that matters a lot when it comes to its computing speed and loading speed. However, choosing the right one that fits your needs and requirements is a daunting task. It depends on what type of work you are doing on the laptop. On a serious note, the needs and usage of the user should have a likeness; otherwise, it is all in vain.

In the laptop industry, the two names hold good remarks in terms of outclassing processors, namely; Intel and AMD CPUs. If you purchase the laptop for the day-to-day tasks of school or college then, intel core i3 and AMD A-series is the best choice that suffices your need.

For instance; students in high school may need software for editing their PDF files via “Canva PDF Editorand if you are a student of Fine arts or design, most probably used software like;Maya” and ‘sketch”. For students who run the latest software or are casual gamers, then the Intel Core i5 or i7 and AMD A10 must be a good choice for students.

Go With Maximum RAM

Choosing the right RAM can imply the golden rule, the more work files you have, the more storage you need. Currently, most laptops ship with a default RAM of 4GB, which is sufficient for students whose majority of their work is done on MS Word and MS Office. 

Likewise, if you are on an average budget and need to jump a little above that, 8 GB of RAM is also a good option. It also enables the students to run multiple apps at once with ease.

For most people, 32GB or 64GB of RAM will be plenty for rendering intensive files. Although, 16 GB is ideal that maintained a good balance between running and power-hungry files and applications. Also, the laptop can’t complain about opening multiple tabs at a time on Google Chrome.

Choose A Picturesque GPU

The GPU comes either in a discrete form or an integrated form. The discrete GPU is typically slower, whereas the discrete GPU is for heavy-duty graphic performance.

The Discrete GPU is powered by AMD or NVIDIA and AMD. A NVIDIA GPU card is called “GeForce”, whereas AMD GPU cards are known as “Radeon.” Also, if you are a graphics student or doing a graphics course and model 3D and 2D designs or run any software that demands heavy graphics, then a discrete graphics card is an excellent choice. 

Moreover, as students, if you use laptops for other than daily homework, like casual gaming or daily internet browsing, an integrated graphics card is simply a fine choice.

Choose Potent Battery Life

Always choose a laptop that has the potential for healthy battery life. Programs like Google, Gmail, Google Chrome, Youtube, and Waze are the most commonly used programs that eat up more battery life. Despite this, if you are a software student and use “Affinity Photo. It will drain the battery quickly. Likewise, if you attend virtual classes on Zoom with several background tasks, it will also suck up 50% or more of your power. 

So, healthy batteries last for hours. A wise way to check the battery capacity of the laptop is to look at its web rating by going onto the official website. 

Additional Accessories

These accessories are the bonus points that not only increase the laptop’s productivity but also protect it. As the laptop cooling pad, USB keyboard, and USB mouse can increase student performance for the better. 

It is not easy to carry the laptop as a book, therefore, the laptop case is the important thing for the student to consider while purchasing the laptop.

Bottom Line

It is concluded from this article that regardless of grade, career, and age, all students need a laptop to do their everyday tasks, do academic projects, create visuals, do web browsing, and play games. However, the Acer Aspire 5 A514-54 is the best laptop for students under $500. If you’re an “engineering student,” then the Samsung Chromebook 4 is the best choice that offers latency battery life. If Chrome browsing is your priority, then you should go with the Asus Chromebook Detachable. In a nutshell, the functionality of laptops varies depending on need and budget. So, be wise in choosing the best laptop for students under $500. 

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Best Laptops For Students Under 500$ – A Must Pick 
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