Best Laptops For SolidWorks – Sturdy Yet Functional Machines To Choose

SolidWorks is a professional program developed by a European software company. SolidWorks is a software program that consists of computer-aided designs and computer-aided engineering. As its name indicates, SolidWorks is the solid modeling of 2D and 3D designs which are widely used by engineers globally. SolidWorks is mainly used in the engineering industry, whereas CAD is used for drafting and drawing 2D models. Among Software packages, SolidWorks has complex functionality.

SolidWorks is one of the most well-known names within the 3D industry for creating plans and engineering projects. Solidwork software needs professional laptops to run heavy graphics applications and complex 3D modeling. For this purpose, engineers and designers need a sturdy machine with innovative features and functionality. The basic specification of the laptops depends on what you want to achieve with solid work. Precisely, engineers and designers must consider the dimension and scope of their professions while purchasing a laptop. The number of users operating the SolidWorks software on different laptops but we actually need a laptop that can smoothly run the SolidWorks-based software. 

Applications Of SolidWorks

Generally, this technique is used for designing 3 dimensions products and sketching 2D profiles to make a solid shape with the help of methods like; lofting and extruding. SolidWorks modeling tasks that mechatronic engineers may perform include; opening and saving the file, rotating the model, and rebuilding assemblies. This task operates only when your laptop has a high operating frequency and tendency. As Solidworks is multifaceted application software that is widely used software in the industry by mechanical electronics and electrical engineers.

However, the use of SolidWorks software is very vast. Often projects of industries are utilizing the same package. These industries range from small to large scales: Fashion And Sports Industry, SolidWorks software on Industry Level, Fashion And Sports Industry, Automobile Industry, Design Industry, Space Exploration Industry.

Solidworks utterly depends on the needs, requirements, and workload of the users. However, the demand for Solidworks is increasing as the importance of energy and power increases respectively. Prior, the software is used for planning, modeling, visual design, prototyping, project management, and feasibility assessment. But, with the advancements in the field, SolidWorks is used for designing and building mechanical.

Editor’s Choice Laptop For SolidWorks  

Though, I have used many laptops throughout my academic life, where SolidWorks is concerned it needs an equipped and sturdy machine that runs smoothly during multi-tasking and multi-processing because this application software demands functional productivity.

However, I found Lenovo ThinkPad P53 Workstation Laptop to be sturdy enough to run the heavy software application. Workstation laptops are the best choice for SolidWorks.As it can handle complex Solidworks models and packages Also, this portable yet powerful machine had a dedicated and ISV-certified Graphic card that enables 3D modeling and CAD programs to generate innovative results. Plus, this modern laptop has an excellent display and an IPS panel that gives the visual natural colors. I do not feel this laptop lacks anything. One of the best laptops I have ever used. I highly recommended it to engineers and designers. 

7 Top Pick Laptops for Solid Work

This article will tell you about the best laptops that are suitable for SolidWorks. If you are a user of SolidWorks or want to buy a laptop for SolidWorks to improve your drawing then this blog post is for you.

Lenovo ThinkPad P53 Workstation The Roomy Storage

Screen size 15  inches, FHD
Color  Black
Operating system 10-gen Pro i7-9750H

The sleek black Lenovo ThinkPad P53 is a master stroke of engineering. How often do your laptops get stuck while running solid work software? Well, if it is an everyday scenario then it is time to identify and fix the graphic card of your laptop to avoid the difficulty while running or designing a solid work application software.

Operating Model:  Lenovo ThinkPad P53 introduces a workstation laptop that is specifically designed to run complex graphics applications along with performing intense processing like;3D animation, complex simulation, visual effects, rendering, data analysis of CAD, and video editing. Lenovo offers the NVIDIA QuadroT1000 series GPU with 4Gb capacity that allows professionals to work with multiple-app and heavy workflow. It is perfect for the designers and engineers in running a SolidWorks workstation. Its processor is powered by the IntelCore with i7-9750H series that allows you to reach a turbo speed up to 2.60 GHz with 1TB of Solid-State drive.

Display: If you’re ready to compromise the budget slightly that you kept for your HP laptop, Lenovo’s name stands on the top in buying preferences. The 10 pro generation of Thinkpad P53 model from Lenovo is a trendy addition to your buying list. Besides the splendid workstation, P53 features a slim and impressive display of about 15 inches with a Full HD screen that generates a powerful visual quality and allows the engineers and designers to grasp a detailed view of the screen. 

Connectivity: Getting into its connectivity, it has a majority of connectors on the left side and back of the laptop. One for HDMI, one port for Type C USB, one for SD reader, and the back of the laptop offers a thunderbolt 3, one port for power, and one RJ. Whereas, the right side features a lock slot and mic jack. The plus point is it offers an integrated fingerprint reader that is the best way to secure the data and records from the unauthorized user. Also, this workstation featured a Slim Tip power of 230 W with a 90Wh battery, which enables the user to consume the battery for up to 16.5 hours of use before recharging is required. Despite all the above-mentioned features it also offers a combined Web Cam and Dual-array far field.

  • Roomy-Storage can handle intensive projects
  • ISV Certified
  • Epic Battery
  • Phenomenal design

  • Comparatively expensive

HP Omen Gaming Laptop —-The Best Gaming Laptop

Screen size 15.6 inches, FHD
Color  Black
Operating system 10-gen iCore

Operating model:  Omen HP operates on the 10 generations powered by the intel core i7 series with an ultra-fast processor that is able to do multiple professional editing, gaming, and designing. It is a software-driven application designed for the use of Solidworks software to run the application without any technical faculties; like CAD for 3D modeling, and visual-based content application

Graphic Card: If we have to define the omen of HP, we can say that it is a gaming laptop with a decent processor that is adequately run for regular gamers and the application software because of its cutting-edge graphics technologies like NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with dedicated GB. It gives a solid work interactive and cinematic experience. These series transform solid work into virtual reality by deeply engaging engineers and designers. Also, it can reduce latency like audio, haptic, and physics. 

Processor: The most interesting fact about the Omen HP is that has a VRAM of 6GB which is combined with its graphic card to work with GPU exclusively. Also, Omen HP offers an open Graphics Library(OGL)support option to accelerate the hardware to run the .exe files or application to run smoothly. As well as helps the solid work to generate a:3D visualization, ray tracing, GPU-intensive application, and photoshop editing application. Intel Turbo Boost Technology offers a clear cache of up to 12MB at a base frequency of 2.6GHz. With a load of heavy files and applications, omen HP offers Intel Turbo Boost technology to speed up the downloading and smooth the streaming. When the 32GB Optane memory is combined with the SSD, it rapidly launches the applications and fetches the large files within a click. In addition, it also calculates complex data, and high-resolution images more quickly than other laptop models. The dedicated solid-state drive of  16GB offers a huge space capacity for engineers and designers to store large data, files, applications, and software without getting worried about space. In the case of DLL files, the laptops will accommodate the space for a large file.

Display: Omen Gaming laptops come in the size of 15.6 inches with a visualized full HD screen with an IPS panel that gives the gamer cinematic views. Also, it has a three-side thin bezel.

Battery: It offers up to 12 hours of battery life.

  • Best gaming laptop

  • Less vibrant
  • When increases Heat level, the fans might produce noise.

DELL G5 15 Laptop —- Overall Best


Screen size 15.6 inches, FHD
Color  Black
Operating system 9-gen iCore7- 9750H

The engineers, designers, and crafters need a laptop with a powerful processor for smoothly running the solid work software, visual editing of an image, and 3D editing. Is this added a benefit? if you had a laptop that has a built-in graphic card that efficiently runs soildWork software.

Processor: Are you scrutinizing a laptop that comes with all these attributes? Then, the Dell G5 15 is your top priority with 9gen powered by Intel iCore7- 9750H series offers a processing speed of up to 4.5GHz.Also, the Processor has an attached graphics memory RAM of 4GB which boosts the running speed of the heavy.exe file applications, likewise the processor’s dual fans cool down the processor quickly. This powerful machine also offers a dedicated DDR4 RAM of 16 GB which takes less than a second to launch a heavy file. Combined with it has a Solid state drive of 256 GB and a Hard disk drive of 1TB, allowing the engineers and designer to boot up the program for better performance.

Graphic card:  That’s not all, because it has a splendid graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 that generate smart support for 2D,3D programs, and CAD applications. Therefore, it might be best for gaming and creative designing

Display: Moreover, Dell G5 15 offers a sleek screen with a size of 15.6 inches that gives a full HD screen resolution of about 1920*1080. Also, its IPS panel produces a natural and vivid color which gives the solid work a more cinematic look. 

  • Portable
  • Premium Graphic card

  • No touch screen features

Asus FX505 DT The Software-friendly

Screen size 15.6 inches, FHD
Color  Black
Operating system AMD Ryzen5 r5 3550H

Asus FX505DT might be considered a gaming laptop because of its powerful performance and high capacity, which can be a suitable file the graphics-related or solid work. Are you looking for a SolidWorks-based application? Then Asus FX505DT might be one of your buying lists because it is more suitable for CAD software. 

Graphic card: It offers a splendid 4GB graphic card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 While, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD adding a complement to the performance of the running software application. Ascus TUF FX505 DT model operates on Windows 10-gen with processor AMD Ryzen5 r5 3550H powered by the Quad-Core. Also, the processor has integrated with GPU 4 GB RAM+GTA1650 GPU. Therefore, this creative GPU is specially earmarked for CAD and SolidWorks-based applications. Expecting, the very next question that has come to your mind is: what about the SSD storage? Asus DT has a sufficient SSD flash memory of 256 GB —can store a lot of data and application files regardless of being heavy.

Display: Asus TUF is a portable gaming laptop designed with an impressive screen-sized of 15.6 inches which provides full HD screen resolution. Also, the hyper-strike keyboard added a more premium look to ergonomics.

Connectivity: It offers connectivity on two sides; on the left side, it has two ports for USB 3.0, a port for  USB 2.0, an HDMI output, a port for Ethernet, a headphone, and a power jack. While on the right side it only owns a lock slot. The drawback of the Asus DT is that it has lack SD card Reader and has no port for USB Type-C. Although, you can access the network by connecting the device through Wifi and BlueTooth. 

However, complex calculations and critical tasks might get easier with the advanced applications, if they can run adequately. The Asus DT laptop is quite less-expensive than one can easily fit within its budget.

  • Durable yet stylish back-lit keyboard
  • Portable

  • No optical drive
  • No SD Card Reader
  • Find it best for software but has minimum RAM

LG gram 14 Multitouch Laptop The 360° Convertible Laptop 

Screen size 14 inches,1920 x 1080
Color  Dark Silver
Operating system Window 12, Intel Core i7 12-Core

Operating model: LG gram is a gemstone that enables the user to stay productive, creative, and entertained. Likewise, it is an advanced technology that is powered by the Intel Core operated on the 12th gen with a processing speed up to 2.1GHzAlthough, the system of the LG gram has a pre-installed Windows 11.

Processor: SolidWorks can easily be done on this laptop because it offers LPDDRRAM of 8 GB and it also offers SSD memory of NVMe PCIe 4.0 with the capacity of 512GB so, you can easily load the large application as well as multitask with a variety of SolidWorks applications in a wink. Also, access the file and boot up the system quickly. 

 Display: LG gram is a thin and portable laptop as it has a weight of 2.53 lbs. Also, it is designed with a multi-touch feature. The one is the touch screen and the second is the stylus pen. Although you can easily switch the laptop to another mode and fold the laptop into different configurations due to its 360° hinge. Combined, its touch screen-sized is 14 inches with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1200 that gives a visualized look while gaming but the space on the screen for viewing the details might be less. However, the IPS panel is powered by Intel Iris Xe graphics which generate realistic and vivid colors with the help of the DCI-P3 wide Colors.

Battery and Connectivity: Moreover, the battery of the LG gram 14 is designed on 72Wh, which means that it provides power for about 23.5 hours and almost 14 hours of power during playing games, videos, and solid work without being recharged via ThnderBolt.In addition, it offers a dual-port of Thunderbolt 4 of 2-gen USB 3.2 through which users can transfer large images, audio, video, or even software files to compatible devices with the speed of 40GB/s very easily and quickly. It can also offer the fast connectivity of 6E Wifi and SD card reader.

Audio and Video: Besides the easy-access connectivity, the audio and video quality is mind-blowing. Because the speaker is designed with Ultra-advanced stereo —which provides crispy-clear audio and better video results, this ultra-advanced machine has a 1080p FHD Webcam — that provides the best result during video calls.

  • 12 generation Processor
  • Clear-crisp audio
  • Write with Stylus pen

  • Overlight display may annoy somehow
  • Bear heavy workflow but has small RAM

Microsoft Surface Book 2 — The Powerful CPU

Screen size 13.5 inches,(3000*2000)
Color  Silver
Operating system 10 Pro-genIntel Quad-Core i7-8650U

Microsoft designed a versatile, elegant and portable model with 4 modes in 1 device. Are you surprised? Well, you should be, because these four modes give you endless gaming opportunities as well as ideal for the Software. Let’s dive into its features:

Operating Model: Microsoft Surface Book 2 operates on Windows 10 Pro version. The processing quality is the most important thing that engineers and designers must consider while opting for a laptop. However, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 offers an ultra-fast and turbo speed processor of iCore7 which enables the user to launch a hefty application within a seconds. 

Processor: Also, the processor has integrated an NVIDIA GeForce graphic memory of 6Gb. This compatible laptop provides more advantages to SolidWorks when it comes to creating your projects related to CAD or solid work applications because it offers 6GB RAM along with its 4GB VRAM—which helps in avoiding such trouble that might be occurred during the intense secession of games or heavy application related to the solid work. Hence, Apple Macbook can be a reliable counterpart to download, install, and run-weighty soildWork files. In addition, video RAM also benefits the engineers and designers to create heightened graphics color resolutions format for 2D and 3D models.

Battery Hours: Solidwork needs a life-lone battery, in this regard Microsoft Surface Book 2 might be on the top of your preferences. This smartest machine offers 17 hours of battery which is according to the needs of the program related to Solidworks.

  • Ultra-fast Processor
  • Excellent Battery

  • Negative #1
  • Negative #2
  • Negative #3

Dell XPS 15 9500 The Ultra High Definition Resolution 

Screen size 15.6 inch, UHD 4K
Color  Silver
Operating system Window 10  i7-10750H 

The new Dell XPS 15 9500 laptops in Pakistan are primarily designed for performance and portability, letting you do whatever you want, and where ever you wish.

Processor: Dell introduces the latest XPS 15 laptop that is mainly designed for performance and portability, which boosts the speed of the processor in an efficient manner because it is operated on the 10 generation window, packed with 6 cores and 12 threads of the i7-10750H multi-core processor. This enables multitasking easier than ever. Also, it’s an Intel Turbo Boost with a speed of up to 5GHz from 2.6 GHz that removes the cache of 12 MB which makes the machine super fast and super-efficient. 

Storage: Dell XPS offers Terabyte M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive that boots up the system and continues working within seconds so you can not wait for a long while working. The fastest processor does not let down the machine slow while multitasking. Likewise, the 32GB RAM has the capacity to bear the load of the heavy applications This combination of solid  Ram and storage enables the gamers and editor to run the SolidWorks application efficiently. 

Graphic Card: Moreover, Dell XPS offers 4GB dedicated graphics of NVIDIA GeForce GTX. This impressive graphic card portrays life-like visuals. Dell is a professional laptop that offers a feature of UHD graphics which can enable the user to switch to another option by swiping them when needed.

Display: Dell XPS 15 9500 laptop is such a professional laptop that comes with a screen size of 15.6 inches with an infinity-edge display. Perk is that it has an Ultra high definition resolution that gives solid work and more cinematic views. It can be more suitable for the digital cinema markets. The awesome UHD 4K display shows a very clear vision that you do not need to zoom in on the visuals. Furthermore, it also designed the features of Anti-smudge and Anti-reflective that keep the user a protective view during a long hour of exposure to the screen.

Connectivity: It has two ports for Thunderbolt 3 a power Port, a 3.1 USB-C port,5.0 Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi It also has a LED backlit keyboard that improves the typing experience.

  • Protective eye-view mode
  • UHD Display
  • Professional Design

  • Its extra-ordinary features make it an expensive

Solidworks Laptop — Consumer Guide 

Understand the point that not every laptop’s model is compatible with Solidworks. Therefore, Software applications can not run on every laptop’s model, you need to consider a few things. 

Processor: The first and foremost thing is the processor speed. The basic requirement of the laptops that the solid work need is at least a powerful CPU with a Dual Core that has speeds up to 3.3GHz.Solidworks is an extremely demanding task that requires a powerful and robust processor to run the application smoothly. Engineers and designers should always opt for a laptop with Intel Core processor series like; i5 and i7.

RAM: Next thing is to think about the size of the RAM. Solidworks is also a significantly memory-intensive software. Therefore,16 GB of RAM is essential to run heavy applications and files. However, the RAM of the 32 GB is much better than the other. The more the size of the RAM, the more conveniently the machine operates. The space of 8GB RAM might be enough for the users who are working on solid work programs like; Electrical schematic. However, the RAM and the Hard drive are required to store that application. It may depend on the scope of the solid work, the better is to opt for a 32GB RAM and 50GB hard drive respectively, because modeling entertains a heavy load on the memory. The better is to opt for the high count RAM. 

Storage is another important consideration. Solidworks can generate large files, so you will need plenty of storage space. A solid-state drive (SSD) is the best type of storage for Solidworks. An SSD will give you the fastest performance and the largest file sizes.

Graphics card: Solidworks demands a potent graphics card to generate 3D models correctly and efficiently. The graphics card of AMD’s Pro rang or NVIDIA’s Quadro family is highly preferred by the designers and the engineers. Such graphics cards include; Nvidia Quadro, Nvidia Geforce, etc.


It is concluded, that SolidWorks is now widely used in 3D and CAD packages by the industry, designers, and engineers. To great extent, it brings a revolutionary change in the industry of art, design, and building. This intensive designing and crafting need a powerful machine that runs the SolidWorks application accurately, quickly, and adequately. That is why this blog gives a detailed description and specification about those laptops that genuinely run the SolidWorks applications and files. Meanwhile, Engineers and Designers while opting for a laptop can consider anyone’s laptop from the above-mentioned to avoid inconvenience and trouble while running the software. Hence Solidworks is the standard of the metachromatic industry. In this blog, I have tailored the best laptops for SolidWorks.There are few that are expensive but their overall performance is excellent and goes best with the application software. All in all, these laptops are portable, durable, and reliable for SolidWorks.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Is MacBook suitable for SolidWorks?

Yes, the Apple Macbook is suitable for SolidWorks software, but it is expensive. From the operating point of view, MacBook is user-friendly and software-friendly, which means you can run the software easily and adequately. Also compatible with many software applications files.

  • Are convertible laptops reliable for SolidWorks?

Yes, dual laptops with traditional laptops and a tablet. It has the flexibility to change the laptop modes to tablet. Each device has severe the best functioning. However, above- mentioned LG gram 15 is sturdy yet hinges 360o. So that you can change its dimensions according to your needs. 

  • Is a Solid or dedicated Graphics Card essential for Solidworks?

The answer is the big yes, SolidWorks required a professional and ISV( Independent Software Vendors)certified Graphics card. Otherwise, the application software can not function properly. Graphic Card is a back-bone that added a more creative and cinematic view to your SolidWorks.

Best Laptops For SolidWorks - Sturdy Yet Functional Machines To Choose
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Best Laptops For SolidWorks - Sturdy Yet Functional Machines To Choose
n this blog, I have tailored the best laptops for SolidWorks.There are few that are expensive but their overall performance is excellent and goes best
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