7 Best Laptop For Music Production Under 500$ – The Match For Your Nodes

As a musician, you are fully aware that the laptop is by far the most widely used and a gold mine for music production. That is because the musician or an avid music lover needs music playerssoftware. Also, playing music files that support plenty of music formats, including MP3, WMA, and WAV helps them in recognizing the music library easily.

Audio production is also a part and parcel of the music industry. As they can do a lot of complex tasks to complete the whole music setup involving creating, editing, and mixing. Moreover, music creation needs a laptop that supports clear-crisp audio latency and efficient performance to run music software like MusicBee, iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Spotify. 

Are you on a tight budget but in need of a new laptop for music production? If so, then, the good news is you do not need an ultra-high-specification laptop to produce a piece of melodious music. You can buy a new and best laptop for music production under 500$ without breaking the bank. To keep in mind the above scenario, in this blog post I will provide you with a list of the best laptops for music production under 500$ that help expedite your music creation process.

Let’s crack them out. 

3 Factors That Are Worth Considering For Musicians 

Wait! Are you in the market to buy the best laptop for music production under 500$? Before digging into final purchasing, there are a few factors that the musician or avid musician must consider.

  • Audio Quality

Obviously, the first and foremost thing that music production needs is “sound quality”. Therefore, considered a laptop that supports speakers of the company like; “BOSE, “Bang & Olufsen, and “Harman Kardon comes with high-quality and clear-crisp onboard speakers. The majority of the laptops have built-in speakers, producing the finest sound when adjusting the bass of the speaker. This feature allows the musician to enjoy the melody, rhythm, and harmony while listening to songs.

  • Processor

The CPU with a single core is the best choice when it comes to music production. A single-core processor is vital to process an audio stream, allowing all plugins. Adding on, the quad-core processor is also a wise choice, when there is multi-processing in a DAW rather than a single audio stream. So, considered the powerful and robust CPU of Intel and AMD that can efficiently handle all the encoding and decoding processes of your music as well providing to end-level fun while listening to your favorite music.

  • Battery Life

Wanting a laptop that can not disturb your fantasy world when listening to audio Or Is alarming battery notification during music annoying you enough? To get rid of this bad scenario, you need a laptop that has a long-life battery with fast charging technology. Because a laptop that is used for music purpose are built with heavy speakers and can suck all the battery quickly when operating an intensive-resources music player’s software.

Editor Choice – Best Laptop For Music Production Under 500$

I used various laptops throughout my student and professional life. However, the laptop I adore the most is LENOVO IDEAPAD 3. It possesses a horsepower processor, an impressive graphics card, a nifty key track, epic battery life, and 14 inches Full HD display. It is just amazing, all these features packed under the hood. All you need is to just flip over the lid to open the Lenovo just like MacBook. 

If you dont like this feature you can also turn it on by using the fingerprint sensor. On top of the thin bezel, there is a webcam, which physically shutters off the webcam easily. The Lenovo attracts the attention most because it offers both IPS and NST panel displays. I would not need to sit straight on the chair to view the monitor. Rather NST display will give the same viewing angle from all directions. 

Lastly, the thing which I also like about the Lenovo is its battery life, providing me 7 to 8 hours of battery on a full charge. It also supports rapid charging, able to charge the drained battery to 80% in an hour. Finally, I dont feel lack anything in this sturdy machine.

In a hurry to know about the best laptop for music production under 500$? Without further ado, let’s dive into the juicy part.

Top Best Laptop For Music Production Under 500$

This article will tell you about the best laptops that are suitable for music production. If you are a musician or an avid music listener or want to buy a laptop for professional tasks to improve your processing, then this blog post is for you.

DELL INSPIRON 15 3580 – Laptop To Adore

Screen size 15.6  inches, FHD
Color  Black
Operating system 8-gen Core i5-8265u

Dell is the renowned and the biggest name in the laptop industry. In 2020, dell launches its jet black budget model “Dell Inspiron 15 3580” which is the company’s newest budget model. Due to its features, it can be the best laptop for music production under $500. Let’s take a glance at its advanced feature.

Processor Details

 Th dell Inspiron 15 operates Windows 8, powered by Intel Core i5-8265u. The processor is equipped with a quad-core which is built with 8 threads and 4 cores that delivers good computing with the speed 1.80GHz. Plus, the quality processor can not slow down the speed  while operating as it also supports turbo boost, able to boost the cache up to 6 MB. Like, dell never disappoints the musician with the lagging or buffering issue. 

Adding more, dell offers large storage with a 1TB hard drive for under 500$. However, it has no SSD, so you might wait longer to load the file or application. This drawback can be solved by upgrading the storage from the market.

Graphic Card

Along with its speedy processor and upgradable storage, the perk is that the speedy dell Inspiron 15 has offered a dedicated powerful graphic card with UHD, powered by the AMD Radeon, which can go best for music production. The visual format has the same importance as of audio format for music production musicians can work with plugins, Virtual Studio Technology, and digital audio workspace.

Screen Size

The new dell has featured a full HD +1920×1080 screen resolution with a 15.6″ screen size which can assist music production by accelerating the music creation or formats process by giving them the space to organize Digital audio workstations (DAW). 

In some cases, the greater the screen, the better it is for making music. Plus Anti-Glare screen not only improves the light reflection, when on an event in the daylight but also minimizes the eye strain effect due to prolonged exposure. 

Whether attending the day event or night event, the new dell 2020 is compatible with music production, as it offered a backlit keyboard that can provide a bright keyboard, enabling the musician to operate in dim light. Besides these features, the lack of a non-touch display is not so disappointing, as operating using a mouse can be easier for musicians.


The suitable connectivity for music production can matter a lot, as they operate software settings from the home to outside the studio. For that, they need a multi-connectivity for connecting the input music production,  audio production, speakers, etc. Dell Insprion 15 is loaded with ports including; SD card Reader, HDMI port, three USB ports, an SD Card Reader, an audio jack for the microphone and headphones, and an RJ45. Also has a wireless BlueTooth and speedy wifi connection.

  • Upgradable storage
  • Pehnominal display
  • Impressive graphic card

  • Less built-in storage
  • Bit bulkier

Verdict: How’s it?

Overall, the dell insprion 15 is best laptop for music production under 500$. Offering a wonderful display, sensational keyboard, and a robust processor with suitable connectivity. However, it is not easily portable, bulkier laptops seem like extra luggage for the musicians to carry.

ASUS VIVOBOOK 15 –  The Latest Bang

Screen size 15.6  inches, FHD
Color  Slate gray
Operating system 10-gen “S mode”, Core i3-1005G1

For musicians, one or more laptops is part and parcel, therefore they always looking for laptops that are at least budget-friendly. Asus brand is considered to be a top brand in the market, the Asus aims to launch a model that easily fits the budget of the consumer. The same goes for its latest slate gray model of 2020, it is affordable yet smash features.

Processor details

Asus Vivo book comes with a powerful processor which is powered by Intel i3-1005G1. Plus it is operated on Windows 10 “S mode, allowing operates the application only from MS and using Microsoft Edge for safe browsing. 

It not only provides security but also boosts performance while operating the laptop. Plus, the speedy Vivobook featured a Solid State Drive of 128GB with standard storage RAM of 8 GB and a 3.4 GHz processing speed that can increase the efficacy level of the laptop, enabling the music np0roduction to run the music formats and software with end-level speed. The Asus can bring horsepower at a minimal price.


The slate gray Asus is lighter and thickest which gives a splendid look. It featured a full HD display with a high resolution of 1920×1080 that make the display screen a virtual studio for the muscian. Add-on, it has a nano-edge all around, enabling the musician and the user to grasp detailed text and visuals from the display. 

The Vivo books offer an innovative mechanism ofEngroLift, that automatically tilts the keyboard to 360°– This technology is efficient for the laptop itself as it provides more space for hot air to expel out from the laptop. It keeps the processor from overheating when you are running multiple files and applications to meet tough deadlines. Furthermore, it improves the typing experience with the backlit keyboard.

Battery Life

Speedy and thin Asus provides enough battery, you can work for hours without charging the battery. Without any difficulties, you can charge the battery instantly with the help of its fast charging.


Asus Vivobook 15 packed a punch by offering more crunchy audio with quality bass. It also offered 3-in-1 accessories including; a USB C cable, wall adapter, and carrying case. Additionally, it has various ports; two ports for USB 3.2 Type-C and A, USB 2.0, and HDMI ports to choose from.  

  • Thin and Portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Fast charging

  • Lack of storage
  • No touch screen
  • No fingerprint sensor

Verdict: How’s it?

Gray sleet Asus Vivobook 15 is the ideal choice for music production, I don’t lack any features in it, running my Asus with full fun and joy. Additionally, it comes with the 1-year warranty, the company can repair the fault, if any accidental damage occurred. Thus, a speedy and thin Asus 15 is a wise choice for musicians in formatting the audio.

LENOVO IDEAPAD 3 Premium Pick Laptop

Screen size 14  inches, FHD
Color  Abyss Blue
Operating system 10-gen, Ryzan 3500U 

In the arena of music production, the composer needs to create different multitrack sessions with multiple plugins at a time. For this, the laptop must be sturdy enough to handle a heavy workload. If that describes you, then the “Abyss blue” Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is an excellent option for music production. Let’s dive into its features.


Dramatically, the 2020 IdeaPad 14 features a powerful processor powered by the MD Ryzen 5 3500U. It is also filled with lots of storage, which allows the music production to run the software and programs without flashing the eyes. Moreover, music production can easily run the software and watch movies in a flow with its 2.1GHz processor speed.

Graphic Card

Next to its powerful CPU, the deep blue Lenovo supports a graphics board powered by the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U. This kind of awesome graphic card can make visual images, pictures, creative visuals, games, and documents. 


In terms of its appearance, the Lenovo Ideapad featured a thin and portable laptop with 14 inches display screen. Additionally, Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution generates a sharper and clearer image on the monitor screen. The music production while doing visual and audio formatting can take an in-depth look at the screen without zooming in because its narrow thin bezel gives more space for the details with less clutters.

Trackpad keyboard

The good news, of course, is that the trackpad itself is actually quite decent in terms of its quality. Basically, you do have a plastic surface finish but the click is surprisingly tactile. It is very responsive and it’s miles better than what a lot of the competition actually offers in this price range the keyboard. 

Plus, the surface area on each keycap for the most part, and you’ll also appreciate the fact that the typing experience here is an absolute joy every keystroke feels tactile yet nimble at the exact same time. The Lenovo keyboard gives music production extra fun while typing. It was a great experience to have this laptop in my professional life. The keyboard is fine yet responsive and also keycaps are so smooth, that fingers felt less tired while striking

Battery Life

The sturdy machine is known for offering long-lasting battery life. The Ideapad 3 is highly rated among consumers as it offers up to 13 hours of battery life. As described, I run the Lenovo laptop for long hours without concerning its battery.

Dolby Digital Audio System

The Lenovo Ideapad 14 offers integrated dual speakers powered by Dolby audio technology in almost every model of Lenovo. It offers high-quality sound, and this feature is best for music production, as its basic aim is to produce rhythm and melody audio.


The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 accommodates all the basic slots that musicians need for plugging in. It includes three USB ports, a headphone or microphone jack, an SD card reader, and an HDMI port. 


Lenovo Ideapad 3 features a built-in fingerprint scanner that secures the laptop from unauthorized users. Also, the hinge quality is decent on this device but you still do have a fair bit of wobble when you’re acting using the device thankfully the hinge mechanism is quite secure which basically means it should last for years to come now display.

  • Nifty keyboard
  • Decent hinge
  • Incredible bandwidth

  • No Turbo Processor
  • No backlit keyboard

Verdict: How’s it?

Under the hood, Lenovo Ideapad 3 offers tons of features. It can include all the features except “keyboard LED”. All in all, Lenovo Ideapad 14 is the best option for the thrifty musician.

HP premium laptop 2021 – Roomy Storage

Screen size 14 inches, FHD
Color  Silver
Operating system 10-gen, Intel Celeron

Look no further than the new HP premium laptop 2021! The new HP laptop has been specifically designed to run complex software. This machine is packed with advanced features that will surely make your music production formatting an unforgettable experience. Let’s learn to know about its amazing features.

 Processor details

Whether you are doing complex operations or recording classical Quartet. This premium laptop operates all your task in a go with its powerful processor powered by Intel Celeron. Also, it operates on Windows 10 with a computing speed of 2.8 GHz.

 Graphics card

In addition to its speedy processor. This device supports an impressive 128 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060 graphics card. This type of graphic card enables music production to do creative visualization. The wonderful 16 GB RAM of the new HP premium laptop is the most adoring feature which can be upgraded to a larger HD or Solid state drive.  


It is portable because it has a weight of 3.2 pounds. The speedy and latest HP features 14 inches screen size and has a thin-edged bezel. It allows music creators to see the clear and immersive monitor without missing a single frame of action. 


In terms of its connectivity new HP laptop is built on the industry standard of USB ports and HDMI ports. This type of connectivity goes best for music production. As the musicians dealt with multiple plugins simultaneously. 

  • Super portable
  • Dedicated GPU
  • Standard connectivity

  • Relatively small display

Verdict: How’s it?

Searching for the latest model laptop then the new HP 14 laptop is the best choice for music production. It has advanced features with plenty storage along with the upgradation option for future use. Besides all these perks, the connectivity is also outstanding and is compatible with RJs and DJs. 

ACER ASPIRE 5 SLIM –  Affordable Laptop

Screen size 15  inches, FHD
Color  Silver
Operating system 10-gen,3200U 

Acer Aspire 5 is worth for the music production to pick it up which is why “Aspire 5 slim” is the best-selling laptop. The filming of this video goes for a pretty and it has a lower price tag. If you are under budget but buying a laptop is a necessity then Acer aspire is the wise choice for the musicians. 

Processor Details

Most importantly, Acer Aspire 15 comes with a powerful AMD Ryzen CPU. The processor supports a dual-core 3200U. It operates on Windows 10 S mode. The music production could able to run the intensive music software without any glitches due to its computing speed of 3.5 GHz. The flaws come with its minimum storage. It supports HD storage of 128 GB and only 4 GB storage which unable the music production to store the heavy file in the media library.


The Acer Aspire chassis is slightly fragile and provides a wide 15.6-inch display with the standard 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. The big screen in inches produces a clear and graphic visual, and the extra-cinematographic appearance is produced with its IPS panel. The music maker takes advantage of the natural and lively color visual. In addition, the typing experience of this notebook is also great with a backlit keyboard, musicians can work with it in all circumstances. 


Slim Acer Aspire, as its name implies, is a slim laptop. The sleek design Acer aspire is super-portable as its weight is 4lbs, go the best for music production. The laptop is outside or a virtual studio for music production. The bonus for Rj and the music creator is that they carry the laptop in a rucksack. However, the construction quality is fine and it’s made out of aluminum.

Battery And Connectivity

The Acer aspire drops when it comes to its battery. Speedy Acer offers a 7.5 hours battery, which is not so good for music production. Acer provides easy connectivity for one port for USB 3, two ports for USB 2.0 ports, and the HDMI port.

  • Speedy processor
  • Super-portable

  • Minimal battery
  • Supports Hard drive
  • Least storage space

Verdict: How’s it?

Acer Aspire 15 has a strong and fast processor. However, the other functionalities are not as satisfying and suitable for music production. I do not recommend buying the Acer aspire if you exclusively used it out of the studio as the battery life is boring. Though, for a home studio, you could buy this as a socket is easily available.

Dell Inspiron i5378 2 in 1 – Mid-range convertible Laptop

Screen size 13.3-inches
Color  Theoretical gray
Operating system 10-gen, Intel Core i3 7100U 

Musician rejoice! The Dell insprion launches a 2-in-1 laptop, offering dual benefits of the laptop and the tablet. It is really a masterstroke for the musician, operating a laptop by using own choice attached or detached keyboard. Switching to tablet mode also gives them a relaxing zone with the stylus pen.

Processor details

The dell insprion operates on gen-7. The processor is powered by an i-core3 7100U processor, allowing the music production to run the data in a breeze due to its 2.40 GigaHertz computing speed. The processor is powerful enough that it runs the digital audio workstation without any lag. 

Plus, the processor clears the cache up to 3M, preventing the processor from overheating. However, the defects of the less storage space, remove, if the user upgrades the RAM. Speedy Inspiron supports less storage than a 4GB laptop and after the upgrade, it might increase as much as 16GB.


Dell insprion features a 13.3-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) screen resolution. Also, it offers an  IPS panel that provides life-like and natural colors. You can same gain superior visual quality due to its LED-backlit

Perk, convertibles laptop offers a wide viewing angle from a different side, whether viewing the monitor from any side can give you the same quality image. With the dell, insprion musicians are able to grasp the details without any reflection.

Audio Quality

Two-in-one laptop is the best laptop for music production under 500$. As it goes the best for the musicians who often dealt with outside and in-house recording sessions with their clients. Meanwhile, it is also a good option for newcomers to music production. Dells features an audio pro-technology. An audio interface allows the musicians to listen to the audio or music. As it’ll produce clear crisp sound quality whether you’re using headphones or speakers.

  • Easily portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Clear-crisp audio

  • No optical drive

Verdict: How’s it?

Dell Inspiron is specifically designed for intensive software with multiple features. The Inspiron is designed such that the music production would be able to work on their audio formats and edit their projects, without worrying about hanging or stuck. 

HP 14″ Home and Business Laptop – The professional laptop

Screen size 14 inches
Color  Blue
Operating system 10-gen, Ryzen 3-3200U

In the mood not to spend a buck of money on buying a laptop! HP 14 business laptops are specially designed for in-house business where a long hour of activation of the device is required. The HP 14 business laptop is the best laptop for music production under 500$. Musicians could edit the music formats and render creative visuals by viewing superior 3D graphics. Undoubtedly, the HP brand is a well-trusted and well-built laptop for the music industry.


HP Business laptop features an ultra-fast processor operating on Windows 10 with a great combination of AMD quad-core with a processing speed of 3.6GHz.This type of speedy processor can go best with music production especially if they dealt with their clients on foot with multiple processing simultaneously. 

Plus, the music creators and engineers are capable to save intensive music files and applications in the media library without worrying about poop up notifications of storage space running out. It supports 8 GB of RAM and a hard drive of TB. 

Under heavy workloads or complex calculations, an HP business laptop runs efficiently throughout your task. The serious gripes are, the laptop’s HP slows down under heavy and intensive work, so I recommend you all replace the Hard drive with a solid state drive to minimize the issue.

Graphic Card

Along with the speedy processor, the HP supports an integrated graphics card. The musician could not feel any lack in its visual and creative graphics. Because the GPU is powered by a Radeon R7 graphics card.


The powerful HP Business laptop features a standard 14 inches display with a touch screen. I think the touchscreen laptop is the best laptop for music production under 500$. The bonus is it also provides life-like colors with its IPS panel display, so you can not need to stick in the straight position in your chair, rather different angles view the same due to its wide viewing angle. The brightness level is also impressive neither too dim nor too bright. Furthermore, the business HP is a little bulkier, size is 3.3 pounds.

Battery Life

HP business laptop allows you non-stop going on without worrying about battery drainage. You can easily do multi-tasking and multi-processing for 9 hours.

  • Speedy processor
  • Impressive GPU
  • Healthy battery

  • HD rather than SDD
  • No optical drive

Verdict: How’s it?

HP business laptop is the best choice if you need the laptop for business purposes under a friendly budget. Besides, I dont feel lack anything but the majority preferred SSD drive over  the Hard drive. However, it is not a big issue. Furthermore, the speedy laptop offers tons of features that are worth buying. All in all, it is the ideal and best laptop for music production under 500$. 

Buying Guide: Best Laptop For Music Production Under 500$

Are you budget-conscious and want to buy laptops that are perfect in their features? Well, it is not a big deal, you can definitely buy the best laptop for, music production under 500$ if you reckon in mind the following consideration. This consideration makes a pictorial view in your mind and helps to achieve your desired features of the laptop.

Following are some crucial characteristics necessary for buying the best laptop for music production under 500$:

  • CPU

Most importantly, the CPU with a powerful operating system is part and parcel of music production. It really hurts to buy spend the hard-earned money on a laptop with a low-quality processor. This is because music production relies on real-time processing, which is very difficult for a CPU to do. 

If you make huge projects in FL Studio, Ableton, or any other DAW, you’ll need pretty powerful hardware in order to run it. The CPU is extremely important for a music production computer. Therefore, it better is to opt laptop that has intel and AMD Ryzen CPU. 

  • Graphics Card

 Music production buy the laptop that has good buildup quality and comes with a 9th generation i5 processor. Also, supports an intel boost that’ll give you more performance if needed. 

Furthermore, the GPU is also important as of CPU. The majority undermines the feature because they thought GPU is less necessary for music production. But the reality is something else. The fact is that music production not only creates audio format rather they have to deal with creative visuals and graphic presentation. 

In this case, what do you do? Are you buying another laptop? No, the need is to buy a laptop that has at least a GPU or maximum comes with an Nvidia 1650 graphics card eight gigabytes of RAM that’s upgradable, and a 512-gigabyte. In addition, the laptop has SSD memory that you can upgrade as well.

  • RAM

On the next level is stuff that the laptop needs to be able to access very quickly and that’s stored in the RAM or Random Access Memory. Some people say that 4GB is enough for music production, but I would disagree and say that8GB is your absolute minimum, 16GB would be much preferred, even in a fairly basic setup. 

If you are a trailer music creator, then the suggested RAM is 128 GB. As you can deal with plenty of music software and tracks. The RAM is concerned with three types; for instance, A Hard disc drive literally has a little spinning disc inside which has data written, a Solid-state drive is powerful and consumes less battery Hybrid is, unsurprisingly, a combination of both. 

Hard drives are better for longer-term storage, or at least that’s the theory for now as solid state drives haven’t really been around long enough for enough research. You don’t really need a massive drive inside your system – in fact, it’s actually a lot better to keep things like sample libraries and audio files on secondary drives. Make sure your laptop has enough RAM that won’t run out of space.

  • Portability

Portability is the main concern of music production as they move from one place to another for dealing with clients and attending meetings. In addition, the RJ and Dj attend the outside function and event, where the most important role is done by the laptop. So, the laptop’s weight is ideally less than 2.5 pounds or a maximum of 3.5 pounds. 

Heavier and bulkier laptops are not only difficult to carry but also need space. Furthermore, the packability and the portability must be considered when buying the best laptop for music production under 500$.

  • Touchscreen

The laptop with a touch screen is the more relaxing feature that allows the musicians and the DJ to directly interact with the monitor screen without using navigating or clicking the mouse or trackpad. However, it is an additional feature but gives a twist to operating a laptop while music production. At the same time, it is also less time-consuming, you can swiftly switch from one file to another media file instantly.

  • Battery Life

The battery life is also an important factor that music production must consider. Usually, they have to do their duty outside the studio, So laptop has less battery life is problematic. In addition, the battery life maximum is up to 10 to 11 hours, which enables music production to run the necessary software and the multi-track song conveniently because of worry about battery drainage.

  • Connectivity

The music creator or the RJ majorly deals with the different types of plugins to ensure the proper working of multi-track audio. The music production might need connectivity for; microphones instruments,  audio gear, an audio interface, USB port, DJ controllers, and MIDI pads. So, the laptop must have a USB and HDMI port.

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Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you are just an advanced musician, beatmaker, or beginner, a powerful and sturdy machine is necessary. The good news is you could not need a buck of money to buy laptops that offered plenty of features. This blog post specifically investigates the recommendation for the producers and musicians who actually need these laptops and get amazing results with music production. If you are looking for a music studio laptop on which you can run FL Studio or Ableton Live then you should buy the HP 14″ Home and Business Laptop and if you need the laptop to fulfill the duty of RJ then choose LENOVO IDEAPAD 3, its clear-crisp audio fascinate the music lover. In a nutshell, I go over what I think in my opinion is the best laptop for music production under 500$ for your home studio.

How Can I Find Out If A Laptop Is Right For Music?

Dramatically, the brand of the laptop doesn’t matter. The things that matter a lot are the quality and the design of the laptop. The quality decides the durability and reliability of the laptop. However, besides the specification, there are general guidelines that marked the laptop as either good or bad. 

If your laptops have the remarks that identify them well then it is good news Or if you’re on the market and want to buy a laptop having good remarks then read to learn more. So, below are some remarks in terms of the specifications that make the laptop good or an excellent choice for music production. 

Processor/CPU – Robust i5 processor

Most importantly, the CPU is the basic component of a laptop. Every processor occupied a different core, it is just an even number like 2, 4, 6, 8, or more. However, all these cores have different types of speed. These speeds determine how fast the processor does and how much it takes time to run the drive and load the data. The bigger the core, the faster it operates. For music production, the minimum recommended core of the laptop is a 4-core.

Graphics Card/GPU A fine GPU

All the intense video, creative graphic, and visual presentations are done in cinematic views and can be done by the GPU. Although some laptops under 500 might lack a discrete GPU, unable to watch movies and play games in a go with the high resolution.

The laptop’s GPU is built-in to the motherboard. That there would be sufficient for music production to perform basic day-to-day tasks, watching Youtube, web-browsing, and watching short movies.

Disk space/Storage – The more the best

ever felt! The laptop slows down its speed or takes a lot of time in buffering or loading. The RAM must be large because it will be used for storing data; for running multiple applications at once.

As a professional musician, it is annoying and frustrating when the window’s pop a notification “your space is running out”. To avoid such glitches, try to adopt the laptop that has maximum space to store the visuals, video, MP3, MP4, and software applications. The golden rule applies here. The more GBs the laptop occupies, the less worries the user has in their mind.

Commonly, the space of laptops is in the range such as; 512GB, 128 GB, and 256GB. As mentioned earlier, the 128GB fills up quickly by uploading certains intensive files. The operating system just with basic programs can priorly take 10-20GB. Then, 80GB are left for the user. The wise choice is to purchase a laptop with maximum storage.

Ports –  HDMI And USB Industry’s Standard Port 

It is the most crucial component of music production. The music creators, DJs, and RJs must choose the laptops that have built-on USB and HDMI standard ports. Take a glance at, rather the laptop has the mouse, headset MIDI keyboard ports or not. 

Dimensions –  Standard 15 inches

The dimension of the screen must be balanced. Neither too small like 13-inches, gets eye fatigue, nor too larger than 17-inches, carry to move along. However, it also depends on your personal choices, but the recommended number should be 14 to 16 inches. I personally go with the 15 inches display size, that carries in the rack sack.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Laptop For Music Production Under 500$

Is it worth buying the laptop for music production under $500?

Yes, it is worth buying the laptop under 500$. However, there would be a few compromises happen if you are not wise enough when choosing the laptop. All you need is to focus on the speedy processor, polenta storage, decent display, and suitable connectivity. So, these valid and versatile features eliminate the minor sacrifices that could be bothered anyway.

Which features hold paramount importance in the best laptop for music production under $500?

In terms of features, the combination of roomy RAM and robust processor holds significant importance. With that, the musicians can enable smoothly run the music formatting, editing, and production.

What are the alternative ways to overcome the limited storage in the laptop for music production?

The ideal way to overcome the low storage issue is to purchase external or discrete storage for the laptop. Secondly, upgrading the internal storage is affordable, also music productions are widely used upgradation as they have intensive files and applications to save on the laptop. Although not all laptops have the features of upgradation, however, you would go with the cloud or drive storage.

Can I upgrade my powerful machine for future use?

Yes, you can upgrade the RAM of the laptop. These features might not be offered by all laptops. However, having this type of feature is such a blessing for music production to save their data, files, and applications in one place to access all the data easily without any hurdles.

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