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Readers!! If you are an insurance agent and want to buy a laptop, this blog is undoubtedly a fruitful must-read for you. When buying a laptop, you must consider some factors because you need a laptop with good specifications like long battery time, great storage, and RAM to multitask different files and calculations at once, without any trouble.   

Buying a good laptop is usually the primary concern of insurance agents as they might need to deal with their clients on foot. They often need to access the client’s information quickly and easily. So, to do work efficiently, machines should be durable, affordable, and reliable enough to handle complex operations and the demands of an insurer’s busy life.

Things An Insurer Needs To Know About Laptops

There are different types of insurance agents working in different fields but their needs are the same for example; if you are a car insurance agent you may need a laptop to play music, read e-books, and open document files. Whereas if you are a life insurance agent, you will use laptops for timely responses to the client’s queries through emails, and phone. Overall, they need laptops for various purposes; to have a digital presence for the online portal, social media access to market their business, and send an automated message to connect with their clients.

This is why it is vital for you to choose a brand-trusted laptop as you are always concerned with getting new clients and keeping existing clients satisfied. This job generally needs a laptop that provides enough processing horsepower as well as storage capacity to allow the insurer agent to play with the files without any limitation. Particularly, insurance agents should invest money in laptops that are compatible with their job goals.

Adding on, insurance agents usually have to work with different accessories like a multi-scanner that can scan or print at the same time and a docking station that can connect external monitors, wired internet, and audio headphones conveniently. This is why the laptop for an insurance agent needs to be flexible enough to allow attachments. 

Is it confusing? It possibly is and this is why we have done the work for you. If you are an insurance agent, considering any laptop from the list given below can serve you the purpose!    

Editor’s Choice Laptop for Insurers  

Although, I have used many laptops throughout my academic life and professional life, where Insurance agents are concerned they need an equipped and sturdy machine that runs smoothly during multi-tasking and multi-processing because insurance agents need to deal with their clients on foot. However, I found LG Gram 16Z90P to be sturdy enough to tolerate a heavy workload. Plus, this machine has an excellent display and an IPS panel that gives the visual natural colors. I do not feel this laptop lacks anything. One of the best laptops I have ever used. I highly recommended it to the insurance agents. 

7 Best Laptops For Insurance Agents 

If you want to explore more options and choices for the best laptop for an insurance agent, here are some machines that can do the best for you. This blog discovers the best-pick laptops for insurance agents that are capable of working fastly and efficiently. Without further delay, let’s move ahead.

LG Gram 16Z90PThe Super Portable Laptops

Screen size 16 inches, WQXGA (2560*1600)
Color  Black
CPU model 11th gen 1165G7 

Operating Model: Insurance agents require laptops that are easy to operate and this is why Windows 11 can lead you closer to what you want. Windows 11 core i5 is built with tools that increase the productivity level and help you pursue your skills to think, multi-task, and create the best. Considering this, the LG gram 16 can be the best laptop you can ever have as an insurance agent. 

Processor: LG gram 16 is simply a mind-blowing machine that comes with 11th gen 1165G7 powerful CPU that enhances the application performance and productivity even for complex tasks. In combination with this, this sturdy machine comes with  16GB RAM which is sufficient for insurance agents. As they often have to open multiple tabs at once while browsing. As well as, LG gram has a solid-state drive with a storage space of 500 GB, enabling the laptop to store a large amount of data. Insurance agents always pick a laptop with a Solid-state drive(SSD)because SSD is larger than HDD. After all, a dedicated SSD is more suitable for insurance agents to ensure smooth and lag-free operations.  

Display: LG gram is super portable because it is just 1.19 kg, So insurance agents can easily carry this portable machine in a rucksack when visiting your clients, seniors, or corporate business without any difficulty. LG gram suggests WQXGA (2560*1600) High Resolution that displays clear and vivid color. Also, this sturdy machine has an excellent IPS panel that produces life-like colors and offers the best visualization results with  99% DCI-P3. LG gram 16 is a gemstone for insurance agents which has a more prominent display for quick web browsing, reading, content typing, or editing, and it is also the best option for editing photography.

Battery Hours: Laptop battery timing is essential because insurance agents primarily work outside the office, where access to power slots is difficult. Insurance agents need at least 8 hours of battery timing. Hence, to overcome this dilemma, LG gram is the solution that offers a fast and long-life battery time of 80 Watt-hour that remains charged. The company claims that the LG gram 16 has a battery life of 16 to 17 hours likewise; in my personal experience four hours of functioning of the laptop, streaming video, and web browsing; a fully charged battery comes down to 65%. This means that LG gram 16 has an excellent battery life that is compatible with your insurer’s busy life.

Connectivity: LG gram has also provided opportunities to connect the USB-C with a good mix of old and new connectivity. It has a full-sized HDMI port, a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones and speakers, and a port for a micro SD card.

  • Super portable laptop
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Full-sized HDMI port

  • Average audio quality

Acer Swift X SFX14-41G-R1S6 — The Incredible Graphic Card

Screen size 14 inches,1920 x 1080 pixels.
Color  Gold
CPU model AMD Ryzen 7 
RAM 512 GB

Operating model: Acer Swift X is powered by an AMD Ryzen processor and has a hard drive of 512 GB, which is much more than enough for insurance agents because they do not work with hefty files and applications. This solid machine has the fastest yet most powerful CPU with a 5800U processor speed. As this powerful machine comes with high-performing processors, this is capable of tolerating even high workloads. Its built-in AMD Ryzen allows insurers to create content, deal with heavy and extensive files, calculate on the go, and even play high-end games without any buffering.

Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3050 Ti and 4GB of soldered GDDR6-VRAM provide impressive and latest graphics to Acer Swift X. This level of graphic card is for incredible creativity and it is adequate for multimedia purposes like video gaming, audio editing, and daily office use. If you are an insurance agent, you can easily manage creative and visionary tasks along with documentation.

Display: Gold-metal casing gives the Acer Swift X an impressive look with a weight of 3.06 lbs. Acer Swift X is easily portable for insurance agents as they usually work in remote locations. On Acer swift, X insurance agents can create the best content on the HD full screen of 14 inches with a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Furthermore, this portable laptop offers an aspect ratio of 16:9 and has a narrow bezel with a wide-sized screen that helps the insurance agent grasp detailed information on the page. Plus, it has an IPS panel that gives a life-like color. The Perk is that this modern laptop offers a classic LED-backlit keyboard with a maximum brightness of 300 nits that is suitable for insurance agents in a dark room. The LED-backlit keyboard not only improves the typing experience but also enhances the laptop’s ergonomics.

Battery and Connectivity: Insurance agents do not compromise on laptops that have less battery life. Don’t be worried! AMD Ryzen 7 has a good battery for 12 hours. It has Bluetooth—version 5.2 and a dual-band wifi six router that brings the fastest speed on the internet. Also, multiports connect all your accessories like; USB type-C, a headphone jack, and USB charging. These features make this laptop an ideal fit for insurance agents due to its robust and effortless connectivity, which enables them to work faster. 

Fingerprint Recognition: Acer Swift X discovers the benefit of fingerprint recognition. This is a plus point that provides the insurance agents to keep their data safe and secure. Also, restrict the access of unknown to their laptops because the User’s Biometric login is required for window log in. The modern model provides the best privacy to insurance agents in terms of securing their data from an unknown user. Also, there is no need to remember a password or a key because of biometric login features.

Alexa: Alexa is a built-in virtual voice technology that responds quickly to voice commands. You may browse the internet, check the calendar, search applications, read the news, and much more. This technology can go best with insurance agents as, they are fully occupied in their work, and insurance agents give voice commands instead of using a physical keyboard. However, Alexa voice recognition boosts the productivity of the insurance agents while it seems less tiring than traditional typing.

  • This powerful machine has an incredible graphic card
  • It has a luxurious design with a Fingerprint Reader
  • Pleasing back-lit keyboard

  • The overall performance is excellent but has average storage

New Dell Inspiron 7415 2-in-1The Best Convertible Laptop

Screen size 14 inches
Color  Blue
Operating system Window11 

Laptop, as well as tablets, is the need of the hour. Indeed, for insurance agents, both devices hold the same importance. Sometimes they need both but carrying both devices at once is somehow inconvenient. Why would you buy two devices when you can get the dual advantages in one?

Dell Inspiron offers a powerful and graceful hybrid of tablet and laptop that provides a combination of versatility and convenience. You can turn the laptop into a tablet and vice versa to make your personal and professional life smooth.

Operating model: Dell Inspiron operates on Windows 11 with a more innovative design, better window layout options, and multi-monitor functionality. Meanwhile, this modern yet powerful machine is ideal for gaming and android apps. 

Processor: Dell Inspiron offers enormous spaces, including;16 GB RAM,16GB high bandwidth, and 512GB Solid-State drive that assists in operating multiple applications and browsing different tabs simultaneously. Insurance agents can keep their data records on a single device, so they need a Dell Inspiron that supports good storage space and boots up the PC quickly.AMD Ryzen offers a Hexa-Core, 12 threads processor with a Base Frequency of 2.1 GHz and a maximum turbo speed up to 4.0 GHz with the best gaming CPU.  

Display: The display resolution is one of the major factors that insurance companies must consider while buying a laptop. This convertible laptop has HD resolution (1920 x 1080) with an ISP panel, which allows insurance agents to visualize vibrant colors and view the screen from different angles. This convertible laptop is also designed with an innovative back-light keyboard, touch-screen for easy access, and an HD web camera for viewing movies and pictures with ease. Combined with that, its borderless screen gives a more cinematic effect while gaming. Also, it minimizes distractions and enhances page views while web browsing.

Connectivity: Other than that, this machine provides one connectivity for SD Card, one port for USB 3.2 Type C Ports, two for Type A USB 3.2, one jack for headphones, one port for  HDMI Outputs, and a port for a power adapter. In addition, it also has six router Wifi and a BlueTooth.Dell Inspiron also introduced the feature of a fingerprint reader to save data and records as accessing the system only to fingerprint recognize the user. Hence, its connectivity port enables you to connect different accessories at once as well as privacy policy makes Dell Inspiron reliable and valid for insurance agents. 

  • Phenomenal IPS Panel display
  • Convertible with convenient connectivity
  • Nifty fingerprint sensor

  • Advance but expensive
  • Works better as a tablet

Apple MacBook Air — The Stunning Retina Display

Screen size 16 inches
Color  Gray
Operating system Window 9 Core i7 

Operating model: Apple MacBook Air operates on the ninth-gen 6-Core powered by Intel Core with  i7 Processor that sustains a high performance in a heavy workload. Apple Macbook Air offers a  Pro 5300M graphic horsepower with GDDR6 memory that is mostly used by gamers for 3D results.

Display: Apple MacBook Air is expensive but gives you multiple advantages in one buy. This innovative machine features a fresh design MacBook with 16 inches of stunning retina display that provides a detailed grasp of the text and images on the screen. Also, pixels can not be seen by the naked eye, and due to this reason, it may be considered best for insurance agents in improving their dramatic viewing experience.

Processor: This Ultra-pro laptop also facilities insurance agents in high-ending graphic projects. In addition, the Apple notebook mac offers a massive SSD storage of 8TB which allows the insurance agents to store massive files along with superfast downloading of applications within a blink. Insurance agents do not need to save their data on other devices as a backup because Mac notebooks offer massive storage to store entire photos, audio, and video in the laptop and take it anywhere with them.

Battery hour: Apple Max pro has a high-capacity battery of 100 watt-hour that not only delivers sustaining power but also has a battery life of 11 hours. This versatile machine goes best with insurers because they may use the laptop for a long time without the battery power as they work in remote locations and its extensive battery hours allow browsing, playing videos, and downloading easily.

Connectivity: Apple MacBook also offers a versatile Thunderbolt port that is designed to meet the ultra-standard of the USB-C industry. Therefore Apple Max notebook revved up a Thunderbolt port. Allowing the insurance agents to combine the charging, video output, and data transfer in single connectivity.

Other features: Other than that, the portable Apple Macbook has a magic keyboard that features a refined scissor mechanism that takes the efficiency speed to the next level, offering the insurance agents a responsive and comfy typing experience. Likewise, it has a built-in touch ID on the keyboard that enables insurance agents to do many functions like; switch to another language, enter emojis and also lock your Apple Macpro. In terms of audio quality, Macbook is fantastic featuring with six-speaker that produces a room-filled sound and its built-in woofers eliminate the sound vibration automatically for clearer and more natural sound.

  • High-capacity processor
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Clear crisp audio quality
  • Wide range port

  • Lacks a dedicated Graphic Card
  • A little bit expensive

Dell 9310 XPS 2 in 1 — The High-Capacity Processor

Screen size 13.4 inches, 1920*1200
Color  Silver
Operating system Window 11,1165G7

Operating model: Dell introduces the XPS 13 convertible from laptop to tablet and tablet to laptop easily. It is operated on windows 11 and powered by an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor with up to a speed of 4.7 GHz, so it can offer creative as well as gaming chops. In addition, the Iris Xe— graphics card lets the insurance agents do graphics activities for their business promotion.

Processor:  Dell has enough RAM of 32GB that offers you to multitask at once without any lag. As an insurance agent, if you want a good experience in running multiple programs simultaneously easily you must go with Dell 9310 XPS. The massive storage of  512GB along with PCIe NVMe x SSD on board is also a great addition that never makes you worried about fewer storage issues.

Display: Convertible Dell XPS offers a full HD screen resolution of 1920*1200 with an aspect ratio of 16:10. Dell XPS is screened with an Infinity Edge display which means it has the slimmest bezel all around the screen edges. So, the insurance agent to fully view the details of the screen while you are documenting or gaming. The thinner and lighter Dell gives a more premium quality 2-in-1 laptop or tablet without compromising on its quality. It is highly recommended for the insurers because it also has a palm rest, helping the insurance agents to keep your wrist in a straight position while operating. In addition, this slim laptop has a touch display that will let you do everything with ease. This smart machine will also be very helpful if you are working with a lot of documents.

Connectivity: This hybrid laptop has designed with a Thunderbolt 4 port– a headphone jack, Micro SD card, power delivery, and display port. Along with easy access to Wifi and Bluetooth. Also allows insurance agents to connect all the devices at a time with ease. The  XPS laptop is also very pleasing in terms of its backlit keyboard as it makes the typing experience even more comfortable in the dark. Combined, Touchpad supported Microsoft Precision, which also gives an excellent experience. 

  • High-capacity processor
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Sensational design

  • No dedicated Graphic Card

MSI Katana GF76Sharpen Your Game

Screen size 17.3 inches,1920*1080
Color  Black
Operating system Window 10,11

Display:  MSI katana has a thin bezel with a full HD screen resolution 1920*1080 with a screen size of 17.3 inches. This super portable machine has a weight of 165g, giving the insurance agents more space to work on the screen and improving their viewing experience. While, the excellent IPS level with 144Hz rate, which is more than enough for multiple tasks also, its IPS display produces a life-like color.

Processor: The MSI Katana GF76 is a wonderful option for insurance agents because it has a powerful CPU and GPU. This powerful machine operates very well on the 11th generation powered by the core i7 with a processing speed up to 4.60 which enables the insurance agents to do their work without any hassle and difficulty. This smart machine has a fast, reliable, and massive SSD with expandable NVMe Storage of 512GB, So it may give an advantage to insurance agents to upgrade the storage for future use and have easy access to the work files and documents at every time. Along, MSI katana has a pre-installed impressive graphic card  NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 which allows the agents to do some gaming, complex documentation, and PowerPoint presentation and meet the requirements of creative and graphics presentation. Creative Editing is also a bonus of its Graphic card.  

Backlit Keyboard: It also offers RGB quality backlit keyboard which is not only great for responsive typing but also helps to work in low light conditions. Spaces between the keys are also nicely spaced for the ease of the consumers. The backlit keyboard and responsive touchpad are very convenient for insurance agents because they have to do a lot of typing and need to do multiple data entries. Instead, it also has a wireless gaming headset which is comfortable for the insurance agents to respond to the client’s calls while wearing the headset all day long. Plus its Superior voice quality with built-in dual beamforming produces clear, natural, and immersive sound thus eliminating the background noises.

Connectivity: MSI Katana has a great port to connect all the devices with ease, Also it has a combination of headphones or speakers that provide gaming facilities on laptops, PlayStations, and music. This smart machine is overall the best choice for insurance agents due to its weight, suitable port connectivity, keyboard, and speakers. 

  • Offers easy connectivity
  • Superior audio quality
  • Lightening display

  • Brief battery life

Dell XPS 15 9500The Ultra High Definition Resolution

Screen size 15.6 inch, UHD 4K
Color  Silver
Operating system Window 10  i7-10750H

Dell XPS 15 brought a revolutionary change in the laptops markets as it the combination of ultra-Pro feature of solid performance, well designed, thin and light chassis and a spectacular display. For sure this smartly designed machine can prove to be the best for the insurance agents because it can durable, reliable, portable, powerful storage, and compatible, 

Processor: Dell introduces the latest XPS 15 laptop that is mainly designed for performance and portability, which boosts the speed of the processor in an efficient manner because it is operated on the 10 generation window, packed with 6 cores and 12 threads of the i7-10750H multi-core processor. This enables multitasking easier than ever. Also, it’s an Intel Turbo Boost with a speed of up to 5GHz from 2.6 GHz that removes the cache of 12 MB which makes the machine super fast and super-efficient. 

Storage: Dell XPS offers Terabyte M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive that boots up the system and continues working within seconds so you can not wait for a long while working. The fastest processor does not let down the machine slow while multitasking. Likewise, the 32GB RAM has the capacity to bear a load of heavy applications This combination of solid Ram and storage enables the insurers to do multitasking and complex calculations without any difficulty.

Graphic Card: This smart Dell XPS offers 4GB dedicated graphics of NVIDIA GeForce GTX. This impressive graphic card portrays life-like visuals. 

Display: Dell XPS 15 9500 laptop is such a professional laptop that comes with a screen size of 15.6 inches with an infinity-edge display. Perk is that it has an Ultra high definition resolution that gives solid work and more cinematic views. It can be more suitable for the digital cinema markets. The awesome UHD 4K display shows a very clear vision that you do not need to zoom in on the visuals. Furthermore, it also designed the features of Anti-smudge and Anti-reflective that keep the user a protective view during a long hour of exposure to the screen.

Connectivity: It has two ports for Thunderbolt 3 a power Port, a 3.1 USB-C port,5.0 Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi It also has a LED backlit keyboard that improves the typing experience.

  • Protective eye-view mode
  • UHD Display
  • Professional Design

  • Comparatively expensive

Consumer Guide —The Best Laptop for Insurance Agents

Processor: The processor is essential because it determines the performance of the laptop. Insurance agents or brokers often handle complex documentation, load heavy files, and create graphical presentations. This is only possible if your machine can bear the heavy load and it is decided by your processor speed how powerful it is to perform well in a complex situation. So, there are certain things for the processor you should consider when buying a laptop. These are the size of the cores, the number of the cores, and thermal capabilities. So looking for something that has an Intel i5 or i7 processor running at 3 GHz or higher will help while deciding on what makes the best laptop for insurance agents and property insurance companies.

Random Access Memory (RAM): Typically the size of the RAM depends on the usage. However, insurance agents need a laptop that can handle intensive loads and output better performance. The best choice is to choose a large RAM range between 16 to 32 GB, which can handle the demanding use ranging from extensive editing, complex documentation, creating graphics, or professional gaming. Insurance agents often have to do their work on multiple tabs at once. So, we recommend the laptop with 16 GB which tolerates heavy and demanding use of the laptop. The large size RAM of the laptops renders them able to do multitasking programs without any lag. 

Storage: Storage is one of the most important factors that insurance agents must keep into consideration while buying a laptop. Storage space may vary with the size and the cost of the laptop but an insurance agent must be strict with 500GB of space. In addition, insurance agents always prefer to opt for a laptop that has a Solid state drive(SSD) instead of a hard disk drive(HDD) because the SSD is larger than the HDD and it is more suitable for the insurance agents.

Display: It is the appearance that attracts the consumer to the product. Other than the sales tragedy, the display screen is one of the vital features of a laptop. As, insurance agents have a high screen time, therefore; visualization is something that pleases the insurance agents in browsing and making a plan. General, a display screen of the laptop should be Full HD plus ISP display that helps the insurance agents to grasp the details of the entire page or generates natural vivid colors.

Battery Hours: Battery life is important for insurance agents as they often have to work in remote locations where the charging slot is not easily available. In this case, the only solution is to go with the laptop having maximum battery Hours of 12 hours. There are many laptops that have a long-lasting battery, which is the way forward.


Finally, Insurance agents may choose any of the above-mentioned. Nevertheless, If you buy a laptop other than for business purposes and have a high budget then you get any new-brand laptop from the above list. On the other hand, if you buy a laptop merely for a business insurance company, with average cost and high proficiency, there are also some medium-range laptops on the list. Insurance agents are responsible to deal with new clients and existing clients. The proficiency of the agents and the speed of the machine are together involved respectively to meet the set requirements of the clients and the insurance company itself. However, in this blog, I have tailored the best laptops that suit the need of insurance agents. Except, that few are nonportable and expensive but overall these laptops are portable, durable, and reliable for insurance agents.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Is MacBook suitable for insurance agents?

Yes, the Apple Macbook is suitable for insurance agents, but this sturdy machine is expensive. From the operating point of view, MacBook is user-friendly and also compatible with many applications.

  • Are convertible laptops reliable for insurance agents?

Yes, hybrid laptops are a combination of traditional laptops and a tablet. This convertible laptop has the flexibility to change the laptop modes to tablet. Each device has severe the best functioning, detachable tablets are better than  2- in-1 laptops. 

  • Is AMD Ryzen have a powerful CPU as of Intel Core i-series?

The distinction in the processor performance between AMD and Intel is the slightest.AMD is also a popular CPU maker and is considered a competitor of Intel.

  •  Is Graphics Card essential for insurance agents?  

Graphics cards in the laptop of insurance agents can not be as of paramount importance as those of regular gamers and video editors. Moreover, having a decent GPU in the laptop of the insurance agents might be used for processing the images and analyzing the data, when needed.


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